Bruce on NPR this weekend

Look out for Bruce on NPR Radio’s “All Things Considered” this weekend, talking about the upcoming solo record. First time he’s done that show.

Thanks from TWLOHA

Today we gave the last of the money from your fantastic donations in June. Eastern Florida State College received $500 for their TWLOHA chapter in recognition of National Suicide Prevention Week, which runs from September 8-14. I’m passing these words on from Sam Brown: “Thank you SO MUCH for your amazingly generous donation. I am honored to have your support. TWLOHA will use your gift to do incredible things. With hope, Sam”.

Solo CD pre-order

You’ve all been asking – and we have the track listing and pre-order link for Bruce Hornsby – Solo Concerts ready for an August 25 release.

Bruce Does the Dead

Si’s fundraiser for TWLOHA was on this week’s Grateful Dead Hour… Bruce Hornsby performing twenty different Grateful Dead songs. Check out Bruce Does the Dead — AJ.

Thanks AJ

Thanks AJ for holding the fort in my absence, and continuing to do so on occasion. You can get him at

Daily Doses

Very sorry for the lack of “Daily Doses, recently as Si tends to some other priorities. We’re hoping for a new concert to download soon.

Throwback Thursday: a Range concert!

With thanks to Darkstar833, here’s Bruce Hornsby and the Range in Roanoke, VA in 1988 for your downloading pleasure.


Si Twining TWLOHA ALS Association Merlin


A message from Si Twining: TWLOHA, The Merlin Centre and the ALS Association are now an incredible $6,454 better off thanks to your wonderful generosity. You have already paid for three student leaders to attend the TWLOHA conference later this month and provide urgent counselling for their peers in Boston. Added to that, the Merlin Centre and the ALS Association have today been sent their money.

Our TWLOHA friends in Boston wanted to pass this on to you: “We are so honored and humbled by your amazing contribution. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!! Thanks so much for believing in this worthwhile organization. ”


TWLOHA conference

I would echo that. $6,454 is an incredible amount. The three charities are all very dear to me for one reason or another, and the least I can do is continue to report back on progress. This has been an especially rewarding venture while I have been in and out of hospital and battle some new health challenges, so the end result is absolutely worth the effort. Again, thank you all for your generosity. Here’s a picture from the conference you sent three people on – you can click on it to enlarge it.

For those asking, you can still find all of the Daily Dose Day downloads in one place. Towers

My office for the last three weeks

So… throughout the whole project we had:

  • 330 songs
  • 102,647 downloads by the end of Daily Dose Day
  • 1 site crash (after we launched Bruce Does the Dead)
  • 12 outstanding covers of Bruce’s songs on the Thick Custard cover project
  • the important one: over $6,000 and counting!

I’m leaving the downloads up for a few days yet, and so we’ll continue to gratefully accept your donations during that period.

Still up for grabs even after we finished Daily Dose Day:

Charlie Haden 1937-2014

Sad to hear of the passing of Charlie Haden yesterday (July 11), after a long illness. Today’s Daily Dose (below right) is a version of “20/20 Vision” recorded with Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder at Cumberland this May. Bruce recorded the song with Charlie on his 2008 release “Rambling Boy”, featuring an all-star cast including Pat Metheny, Ricky Skaggs and Rosanne Cash. Charlie played bass on Bruce’s “Stander on the Mountain”.

Thick Cuistard


A dozen talented musicians gave you Thick Custard: Celebrating the Music of Bruce Hornsby. They’ve given their time, talents and energy for free so that you can enjoy this latest cover project, which has taken three years to put together.  I’m so proud of it, and of each contributor. Please go and visit the brand new website for 12 covers of Bruce Hornsby songs, which I promise you’ll love. And on a sidenote, if you’re able to share the link on your social media, blog, e-mail list or website, it would really help. These people deserve to be heard!

If you’re a contest winner and don’t yet have your prize, please bear with me – my health doesn’t allow me to get to the Post Office very often but I’m doing the best I can. Our winners are: Cliff Lawless correctly predicted Belgium’s 2-1 win over USA in the World Cup, and nets himself a $25 Amazon gift card. Paj78 nets the Dead giveaway – a 3CD set from the Jerry Garcia Band. Jeff Clark won the Ricky Skaggs signature package after correctly identifying Chris Thile. And the $100 Amazon gift card contest that we’ve been running went to Harry Wenkert. We asked how many CDs were in the pile – there were 245. Harry was closest and guessed 247! They join Carwyn Tywyn, who won the memorabilia contest earlier.

Against my better judgement, I’ve answered your questions… if you think that would interest you, take a look at your questions for… Si?!

All of the music is, of course, available for free. We are still gratefully accepting donations for our three very worthy causes, though:

  • Use FirstGiving to donate to the ALS Association (DC, MC and VA Chapter)
  • Use JustGiving to donate to the Merlin Centre for Multiple Sclerosis care
  • Use the yellow PayPal “Donate” buttons on the site to donate to your choice of cause or TWLOHA, a mental health charity.

Spotlight on our three causes

If you have any comments, questions, requests or suggestions, please do contact Si.

Again, thank you so much for your support and overwhelming kindness once again this year. Please donate if you can!

I need to rest… but I’ll be back later in the week with an updated total.

$5,000 is a crazy amount, and I can’t thank you all enough.


- Si Twining.


Donate to our charities

If you like what you find on this site, we continue to gratefully accept donations to our wonderful causes.

Or use these websites:

Use FirstGiving to donate to the ALS Association (DC, MD and VA Chapter)

Use JustGiving to donate to the Merlin Centre for Multiple Sclerosis care

Daily Dose

Daily Dose archive page

  • On the Western Skyline 77.3%
  • Every LIttle Kiss 85%
  • Mandolin Rain 89.6%
  • The Long Race 69.7%
  • The Way It Is 92.9%
  • Down the Road Tonight 77%
  • Shelf life/longevity 89.6%
  • Lyrics 89.1%

You’ve had your retro look at The Way It Is and you can still have your say – but we thought we’d show you how the first record fared so far. And now would be a good time to cast your eye on the second and third records, Scenes from the Southside and Night on the Town.

Donation button

If you enjoy, please consider a donation toward the running costs. N.B. This is not, nor will it ever be, compulsory!

I hope you enjoy looking around the new site and maybe discover some things which were previously hidden away. If you have any requests, suggestions or comments, please contact Si.  This site is made up of your contributions over the years, and we really rely on you. So any setlists, photographs, articles, reports or even recordings are very gratefully received.

Of course, there is always the Board to talk to others with the same tastes.

We’re already working on new updates that we couldn’t quite squeeze into the relaunch – keep coming back for more additions, and of course the Daily Dose!


Si and have chronicled the work and music of Bruce Hornsby since 1998, with great help from the thriving community that this site has built. That includes YOU!


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