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Don’t forget our Facebook group for you to get to know our little community… please sign up and spread the word! You’ve been discussing Beatles songs covered by Bruce – so we’ve put three up as a Daily Dose in October! See the downloads on the right of this page.

Score “Here Come the Noisemakers”!

We are up to the year 2000 in Bruce’s career, which means that it’s now time to rank the first official live record – Here Come the Noisemakers. Please take two minutes to register your vote!

2015 setlists

We are up to date with our 2015 setlists as far as Denver, CO on September 7. Please contact us with any accounts from the shows, setlists or photos.


Send in your questions for Ross Holmes

Ross Holmes is the talk of the town (pun intended) since his introduction to the Noisemakers. We’ve nabbed him to answer your questions – contact Si with yours and we’ll get to the best of them!

Download: Biltmore Estate, NC .. August 22 2015

4,000 in attendance in Asheville, NC enjoyed this show on August 22… now you can too!

Michael Baker

We still get a number of questions asking after Michael Baker, Bruce’s former drummer in the late 90s. Michael has some health challenges in his immediate future, and there is an online fundraiser if you’d care to help. Please visit this GiveForward page.

Download: Seattle, WA .. July 22 2015

A terrific live show for you to download from this past July in Seattle.

Rank Spirit Trail!

How does this 1998 release compare with all those before and since? This is your chance to rate each track – please take two minutes to register your thoughts with some star ratings… see Retro Bruce: Spirit Trail.

Summer meet-ups

We now have details of our summer concert meet-ups! They’re always great fun, and we get to share stories over dinner before a show. Check the details and hopefully see you there!

Grateful Dead/Bruce Hornsby/Fare Thee Well

We have some terrific photos from Solider Field contributed by Kathy Hornsby. We can also give you some recordings of Bruce’s lead vocals in Santa Clara and Chicago at the Grateful Dead celebration this past couple of weekends, culminating in a tremendous Built to Last on the closing night. Check the right sidebar under “Daily Dose” on this page. Thanks to jdwtylzmanatl and dfries for the tapings.

Bruce and the Dead: recommendations from the Dead community

We have a number of downloads from the Deadhead crowd sent our way… some “must have” songs to recognise some of Bruce’s finest contributions over the years. Hope you enjoy!

The next record

How much do we know about Bruce Hornsby’s next record? This much.

Ornette Coleman

Ornette Coleman passed away on June 11 aged 85. Here’s a report and a recording of Bruce playing Ornette’s Questions and Answers.

Get your shirts, mugs, bags…

Brand new for the 2015 summer tour and available immediately… T-shirts, mugs, hoodies, bags, tank tops, even beer mugs… and more to come! You won’t find any cheaper… check out our range!

Essential Bruce Hornsby: track listing/order link

2 CDs, 29 tracks, 8 of them live… and out now! You can find out more here at

Harbor Lights results, and a last chance to rank Hot House

The Harbor Lights ranking results are in… and this is your last chance to rank Hot House!

New Statesman interview

Kate Mossman of the New Statesman has provided the best interview with Bruce that I’ve seen in years. Well informed and hugely entertaining. You can read it over at

Bruce, Beverly and President Bill

A great story and photo contributed by our friend Beverly. Thanks, Beverly, for sharing such a terrific memory!

Very tentatively, for now…

… if you’d like to be involved in the next Bruce Hornsby cover project (which wouldn’t be for at least another twelve months) please contact Si. If you’re in a position to commit to a particular song now, then it’ll be reserved just for you – first come, first served! Here’s a reminder of our previous project, Thick Custard.

Bruce Does the Dead

Bruce Hornsby performing twenty different Grateful Dead songs – a highlight of 2014 which helped raised over $6,000 for three charities. Check out Bruce Does the Dead  – and you can still donate via our FirstGiving page and the Paypal donation button to the right.


A reminder of the talent that R.S.Hornsby shared with us all in our sister site:

Searchable setlist database

It’s back – the BruceBase gives you a searchable database going back over 30 years. Ever wondered how many times See the Same Way was played in California in 1998? Or when Bruce played Greensleeves?! The BruceBase can help you out.

Band timeline

By request, we’re put together a timeline of different band members through the years.

Podcast #24 – phone chat with Bruce

Bruce and Si talk Daffy Duck, pursuit of the unattainable, the next record, revisiting (and reinventing) old songs, and a contest… win four tickets to a Bruce Hornsby concert! Listen to the new podcast for details.

Solo Concerts Out Now: reviews, purchase links

Bruce’s new 20-track double CD,entitled Solo Concerts, is out today. We have the purchase link and a write up. Please add your own and add your rating! Visit the Bruce Hornsby – Solo Concerts page.

Thick Custard

Thick Cuistard


A dozen talented musicians from amongst the community present Thick Custard: Celebrating the Music of Bruce Hornsby. They’ve given their time, talents and energy for free so that you can enjoy this latest cover project, which has taken three years to put together.  I’m so proud of it, and of each contributor. Please visit the brand new website for 12 covers of Bruce Hornsby songs, which I promise you’ll love. And on a sidenote, if you’re able to share the link on your social media, blog, e-mail list or website, it would really help. These people deserve to be heard!

Black Friday Week

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If you enjoy, please consider a donation toward the running costs. N.B. This is not, nor will it ever be, compulsory! Or please consider donating to one of our nominated charities - the Merlin MS Care Centre, the ALS Association or TWLOHA (please specify which).
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Daily Dose

    Posted on October 28, 2015:
    » 5.0 MiB - 78 downloads
    Saratoga, CA
    August 4 1999

    Posted on October 28, 2015:
    End of the Innocence > Dear Prudence
    » 8.2 MiB - 86 downloads
    Red Bank, NJ
    July 28 2009

    Posted on October 22, 2015:
    Lady Madonna
    » 1.8 MiB - 108 downloads
    York, PA
    November 12 2000

    Posted on August 2, 2015:
    Terrapin Station > Sunflower Cat
    » 15.5 MiB - 279 downloads
    Portland, OR
    July 24 2015
    Thanks to greeney55

    Posted on August 1, 2015:
    Jacob's Ladder
    » 13.5 MiB - 257 downloads
    Portland, OR
    July 24 2015
    Thanks to greeney55

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