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Today’s Daily Dose (on the right) is a preview of Bruce’s tour this summer – Pat Metheny sitting in for Country Doctor!

Farewell Bobby and Doug

As Bruce announces the departure of Bobby Read and Doug Derryberry for new projects, we hear from them both and update you on their current work. You can leave a message for them on this page. Thank you and farewell, Bobby and Doug,

Welcome Ross and Gibb!

Taking a look at the first new additions to the band in twelve years. Welcome Ross Holmes and Gibb Droll!

Announcing “Twenty Days of Bruce”!

We are incredibly excited to announce the “Twenty Days of Bruce”, coming on June 6! You can read all about it on the aptly-named Twenty Days of Bruce page, and find out what’s coming your way… twenty straight days with a new concert to download!

New feature … Bruuuce radio

Now you can listen to an entire concert immediately, as if you were switching on the radio – please check out a great show from July 1996 at the brand new Bruuuce Radio page!

Thank you all for a great reception and some lovely feedback to the new site! I’m glad you like it, and welcome any more ideas. Please contact Si with anything you’d like to see, or with any Daily Dose requests (listed on the right – the most recent one is at the bottom!)

We have a new interview up with George Marinelli, original member of the Range. He has a new record, “Wild Onions”, out now on Wingding Records.

We have the return of the Daily Dose on the right, which is a download of live music updated every day. There’s also an archive of the last 80+ doses. And if you’re after live music, we have a show for download from London in 1993.

If you have any comments to make on the new look, or questions, requests or suggestions, please do contact Si.

- Si Twining.

Daily Dose

    Posted on April 16, 2014:
    Cruise Control
    » 5.4 MB - 25 downloads
    Devon, PA
    Band show; audience recording
    August 31 1995

    Posted on April 17, 2014:
    Country Doctor
    » 6.0 MB - 118 downloads
    New York, NY
    w/Pat Metheny
    Band show; soundboard
    October 27 1995

    Posted on April 18, 2014:
    Gonna Be Some Changes Made
    » 5.7 MB - 9 downloads
    Poughkeepsie, NY
    Band recording; audience recording
    October 24 2004

    Posted on April 19, 2014:
    Night on the Town
    » 4.4 MB - 6 downloads
    Austin, TX
    Band show; soundboard
    October 16 1993

Daily Dose archive page

  • On the Western Skyline 77.3%
  • Every LIttle Kiss 85%
  • Mandolin Rain 89.6%
  • The Long Race 69.7%
  • The Way It Is 92.9%
  • Down the Road Tonight 77%
  • Shelf life/longevity 89.6%
  • Lyrics 89.1%

You’ve had your retro look at The Way It Is and you can still have your say – but we thought we’d show you how the first record fared so far. And now would be a good time to cast your eye on the second record, Scenes from the Southside.

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