Bruce Hornsby interview – phone chat, January 2005

This Bruce Hornsby interview was recorded on January 10 2005. We spoke for almost forty minutes, and covered a wide range of topics, including:-

  • New artists that have impressed him
  • Looking for a record deal today
  • British bands today.
  • His concerts up for download
  • How they’re picked and future plans for this
  • DVD plans – “Three Nights on the Town”.
  • Live concert broadcasts over the ‘net
  • Improvising on stage
  • Calling the shots
  • Preparing for a show.
  • Sonny Emory
  • Playing the big hits on tour
  • The old songs of his that he doesn’t care for.
  • Playing Big Swing Face songs live
  • Touring plans/burnout
  • Pre-show nerves
  • The current band.
  • What he’s up to currently
  • The Ricky and Bruce record
  • What became of the original record replaced by BSF.
  • Inspiration for songs
  • The next record

To hear this Bruce Hornsby interview, click the player below:

Bruce Phone Chat January 2005

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