2000s Setlists

Bruce Hornsby setlists 2008

Highlights of 2008 .. Bill Evans guests in Ridgefield.

08/09/08 Town Ballroom – Buffalo, NY
White Wheeled Limousine, Tango King, Country Doctor, Jack of Diamonds > (new song) Badlands All Around You?, new orleans style “Mr. Chuck Jam” for stage hand Chuck, End of the Innocence > Cruise Control > awesome Sonny Solo, Defenders of the Flag, Standing on the Moon > Halcyon Days, Tempus Fugit style jam > King of the Hill, Sugaree > Fields of Gray, Bach variations > Gonna Be Some Changes Made, Sunflower Cat > Alot to Laugh Train to Cry
Encore: This Too Shall Pass > The Way It Is

08/10/08 Performing Arts Center – Westhampton Beach, NY
Camp Meeting> Mandolin Rain bluegrass version, Song C > Sad Moon, A new song – title was not shared, Funhouse > I Believe in Miracles > Funhouse, Sneakin Up on Boo Radley, Every Little Kiss > Tupelo Honey, Talk of the Town, Jacobs Ladder > Cartoons & Candy > Jacobs Ladder, Candy Mountain Run, The Road Not Taken >Hole in the Bucket, The Way it Is > Bach variations > The Way It Is
Rainbow’s Cadillac
Encore: Dreamland, Spider Fingers

08/12/08 Capitol One Bank Theatre – Westbury, NY
Set One: Hooray for Tom*, Harbor Lights*, China Doll > Un Poco Loco > China Doll, Stander on the Mountain, Look Out Any Window, End of the Innocence, Pete and Manny > Barcelona Mona, Across the River
Set Two: Preacher in the Ring I, Preacher in the Ring II, Shadow Hand, The Show Goes On, The Dreaded Spoon > Jacob’s Ladder > Cartoons & Candy > Jacob’s Ladder, Down The Road Tonight, The Way It Is, White Wheeled Limosine
Encore: Lucky Old Sun, Mandolin Rain

08/13/08 Ridgefield Playhouse – Ridgefield, CT
Set One: I Truly Understand >Night on the Town >I Truly Understand*, Cyclone, Long Tall Cool One**, Lost in the Snow, Tango King, (Baby Elephant Walk) >Wild Frontier, Every Little Kiss
Set Two: Line in the Dust*, China Doll > Un Poco Loco >China Doll**, What the Hell Happened to Me, The Good Life, Big Stick, End of the Innocence, Valley Road > (Jet Airliner) >Valley Road, The Way It Is**
Encore: Heir Gordon, Big Rumble, Mandolin Rain (bluegrass version)
Comments: * denotes solo piano **denotes with Bill Evans on saxophone.

08/14/08 Boarding House Park – Lowell, MA
Sticks and Stones*, (White Wheeled-Limousine) > Little Sadie> White Wheeled Limousine > Questions and Answers > White Wheeled Limousine, Crown of Jewels, Circus on the Moon, Mandolin Rain > That Would be Something, Black Rats of London, Jacob’s Ladder, Resting Place, Swan Song, Valley Road, Defenders of the Flag > King of the Hill > Mystery Train > Webern Variations #2, The Way It Is, Rainbow’s Cadillac
Encore: Fortunate Son > Comfortably Numb > Fortunate Son
Comments: * denotes solo piano.

08/20/08 Chautauqua Auditorium – Boulder, CO
I Truly Understand > A Night on the Town > I Truly Understand*, Country Doctor, Talk of the Town > Charlie Woody and You > Talk of the Town, ( The Entertainer), Down the Road Tonight, See the Same Way, (Go Back to Your Woods), Crown of Jewels, End of the Innocence, Black Rats of London, Fortunate Son > Comfortably Numb > Fortunate Son, The Way It Is, Spider Fingers, Valley Road, Little Sadie > White Wheeled Limousine > Man Who Shot Liberty Valance > White-Wheeled Limousine
Encore: Gonna Be Some Changes Made > Mandolin Rain > Halcyon Days
Comments: * denotes solo piano.