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To celebrate 25 years, the new tour AND the relaunch, we’re delighted to bring you the new t-shirts for 2011, including our first ever tie-dye variety.

daily dose

Daily Dose archive

For over ten years we ran the “Daily Dose” – a daily download of live Bruce Hornsby music. Here’s an archive of those MP3 downloads. Ath the bottom we have


25 years!

Your memories of the first 25 years of Bruce’s career. Please add yours at the bottom of the page!


Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame – Make no mistake, this site depends on the contributions from your good selves. All of your contributions are invaluable. And if you’re in no


25 years – Jennie’s story

Jennie Crabbe: In 1986, when I was a 14-year-old aspiring piano player, I heard “The Way it Is,” and it blew my mind.


25 years – Kat’s story

(Si’s note – Kat’s photography features throughout this website). Sunflower Kat: This is a difficult story to tell, just in what makes it truly significant to me is so sad.


25 years – Andrew Smith’s story

Andrew Smith: I can’t quite remember where I was the first time I heard “The Way It Is” or just about everything from that album. I just remember I couldn’t


John Molo

The popular drummer played with Bruce for over twenty years in total, through until Spirit Trail. He has continued to play with such luminaries as The Other Ones, Phil Lesh


Joe Puerta

As well as being in at the start with the Range, Joe also co-founded Ambrosia. His tenure with Bruce lasted for the first three records – all of the Range’s


George Marinelli

George was a founder member of the Range at the very beginning, and now has his own studio in Tennessee. He tours the world with Bonnie Raitt’s band.


Land Richards

Land in the band (sorry) for the early part of 1998, and has since returned for guest appearances.


Michael Baker

Michael took over from Land Richards’ brief stint in 1998, staying for a year and taking in the famous Yoshi’s run in ’98.


John D’earth

John D’earth plays trumpet for the first time in ’92, as does Bobby Read on various horns!


Bobby Read

John D’earth plays trumpet for the first time in ’92, as does Bobby Read on various horns!


Peter Harris

David Mansfield leaves in 1987, to be replaced by Peter Harris, another bass and mandolin player. David would return to guest on “Night on the Town” and “Spirit Trail”.


Bride of the Noisemakers

Eleven years after the first live double CD comes the second one. “Bride” showcases 25 songs recorded over three years and featuring songs as far back as the first record.



A musical written by Bruce and his childhood friend Chip Dematteo makes its January debut in Norfolk, VA before (hopefully) moving to New York. The title means what you think



A switch to Verve Records gives us several highlights: an extended solo from R.S.Hornsby (who the record is dedicated to), more from Eric Clapton, a collaboration with Grateful Dead lyricist


World’s Greatest Dad

Several of Bruce’s songs are used in an independent movie starring Robin Williams. It causes Bruce to make a cameo appearance playing Mandolin Rain.


Kobe Doin’ Work

Spike Lee stops Bruce in the bathroom at an NBA game and persuades him to write the score for a documentary that he’s directing about Kobe Bryant. Bruce writes several