Beating the hackers

It takes all sorts to make the world go around, so they say…

Very sorry for the month or so that went missing, and for the week or so previous to that when people encountered some very strange behaviour on this site. You may have been taken to a “showbiz” website, or maybe something advertising shoes(!) – you couldn’t make it up…

Anyway, in trying to fix that, and multiple junk postings on the Board, things took a rather sinister turn when it started throwing up virus warnings and, eventually, deleting content. This was a deliberate and malicious attack on the site (I believe at random), as a message was left taking “credit” for all of the nonsense.

So – the last month has been spent reinstating all of the content, as far as it was possible. I’m still working on, although I’m afraid is beyond repair. (Yep, they tried them all, as they’re all stored in the same space – like I say, it takes all sorts…!)

Anyway, I wanted to leave it a few days before posting this to check that everything was stable. All is now fixed, and I’ve taken the chance to make some improvements along the way also! There is more to come.

Thank you for bearing with me, and please keep coming back as we head towards a solo piano tour beginning in January!

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