Salivate: John D. Beck

We’ve taken the opportunity recently to catch up with some contributors to some of our Bruce Hornsby cover projects. First up is John D. Beck, who gave us “Talk of the Town” on Shadow Hands back in 2005, and then later the fantastic “See the Same Way” on Salivate. Both were really well received by the community, so we’re pleased to catch up with John here!

If you contributed to any of our cover projects and would like to be featured here, please contact Si!

You’re heavily involved in school musical projects these days, aren’t you, John?

Yes, my job keeps me quite busy during the school year. As a result of all that and the success of the groups  at our school, I have been selected to conduct an honors choir in 2014 for schools from the entire state of Michigan. I am very excited and proud of this honor in that I was selected by my peers in a voting process that included hundreds of schools in Michigan.

And outside of school, you have a band, right?

I also continue to play with my New Orleans influenced blues, jazz and alt-country band, ToHuBoHu. My role in the band is guitar, piano, lap steel guitar, accordion and vocalist. Along with tubaist Bruce Cassell and drummer Dave Potvin we have been performing together for the last four years. Currently we are somewhat on hold while my hand  heals from a snow blower accident from this winter that involved 29 stitches to my fingers. Upper Michigan winters are harsh. I am now figuring out new methods in which to play my instruments so we can continue to perform in some manner until they return to the new normal.  At that point we hope to do some recording. We would love to have you become a friend of our band on our Facebook page.

And any other projects?

I recently appeared on four tracks of my brother-in-law Papa Crow’s award winning kids and family music album “Things That Roar”. As soon as I learn how to play again I will be a part his next project which is already being recorded.

I also played lap steel guitar on Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jonathan Rundman’s self titled album . The song is called “That Man Upstairs” and can be heard here.

Thanks for catching up with us, John! I’d urge you all to subscribe to ToHuBoHu’s Facebook page to stay updated on their great music.

John D. Beck – Talk of the Town (Shadow Hands)

John D. Beck – See the Same Way (Salivate)

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