A look at Night on the Town

On this day (June 8) in 1990, Bruce released his final record with The Range… A Night on the Town. 23 years on, several tracks from that album remain in circulation at the shows, and amongst your favourites also.

In the various cover projects run by Bruuuce.com over the years, you have chosen to feature nine out of the eleven of the tracks from “Night on the Town”, some of them more than once.

Today we’re delighted to showcase them, with Bruce chipping in also, along with a track from former “Range” member George Marinelli. Plenty more worthy of your downloads also!

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01. Night on the Town – Oskar Kollen
02. Carry the Water – Demarkis and Marsden
03. Fire on the Cross – Alan Kerry
04. Barren Ground – Rick Ochranek
05. Across the River – Harm van Sleen
06. Stranded on Easy Street – George Marinelli
07. Stander on the Mountain – Tim Shaw
08. Lost Soul – Bruce Hornsby w/Virginia Symphony Orchestra – August 10 2001
09. Another Day – Stephen Keown
10. Special Night – Bruce Hornsby solo – Williamsburg, VA – March 30 1999
11. These Arms of Mine – Bruce Hornsby and the Range – Los Angeles, CA – June 14 1990

Find out more about the cover projects.

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  1. I remember the concert Bruce and the Range did at William and Mary Hall to debut “Night on the Town”. Bruce introduced “Fire on the Cross” by talking about growing up in Williamsburg and seeing signs posted for the Ku Klux Klan. He noted that “Stranded on Easy Street” was about his brother (don’t know which one) and his first trip to California. Oh, and “Special Night” alluded to an incident at Lake Matoaka at the College of William and Mary. Just some remembrances from “a long time ago”. P.S. the picture of the band walking on the wooden bridge was taken on a very scenic road that runs between Carter’s Grove and Colonial Williamsburg.

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