Send your drum requests regular Jeff is a keen drummer… as you are about to hear!

He’s thrown down a challenge on the Board – he’s going to video some drum solos to accompany Bruce songs, and he wants your ideas:

“In the coming weeks I’ll be putting up on Youtube some studio quality recorded drum covers of me playing along to The Noisemakers. I figured it would be cool to share here.”

“I also thought it would be cool to get some requests/suggestions for songs you’d like to see me play along to. I can’t guarantee that I’ll wind up doing each request, but I’ll try and pick out a few.”

“Some guidelines:

“- I’d much prefer to play to live recordings (As opposed to studio) as they are a lot more fun to play along to! Anything from Here Come The Noisemakers to any “Live Noise” to Bride of The Noisemakers, etc.
-While some of the best shows have been recorded by someone in the audience, I’m going to have to stay away from those because of sound quality. Like I said, I’d much prefer to do something from Bruce’s soundboard.
– I have every Live Noise Album and Dagle’s Choice that have been released, so feel free to request anything from there.
– Anything goes! Doesn’t have to be a hit or well known. In fact, I’d prefer requests that are not Way It Is, etc (Just like Bruce haha).”

“As I said, I thought this would be something fun and cool to do. So if you have any suggestions, let me know!”

There you go… if you have any ideas for him, feel free to post below, or on Jeff’s thread on the Board, or otherwise you can always contact Si.

(You can register for the Board here if you’d like to).

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  1. […] up is JF1 – we recently published an article inviting your drum requests, where Jeff threw down the gauntlet. Find a song from one of Bruce’s commercial or live […]

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