Chat with George Marinelli

Breaking news… George’s CD that he talks below is now available at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon MP3s and Google Music! eorge Marinelli was a founder member of The Range, and is


Live from London… June 21 1993 download

Way back in 1993, before I’d ever heard Bruce play live, I decided to make the 300-mile trip to Camden Town’s Jazz Cafe. I was without a wage, hadn’t been


Bruce to tour with Pat Metheny and Bob Weir

In an interview with accessAtlanta, Bruce appears to confirm a couple of tours for later in the year: some time with Bob Weir in September and October, and before that

In case you missed it

Retro Bruce: Scenes from the Southside

Thanks all for your contributions! You were asked to score each track on Scenes from the Southside, and hundreds of you replied. Here are the end results!