20 Days of Bruce, a Daily Dose Day and a new cover CD… coming June 6-25!

It’s nearly time for the 20 Days of Bruce – twenty shows for download, all from Bruce’s acclaimed run at Yoshi’s in 1998!

But we have plenty more besides during the three weeks:

  • win a $100 spending spree at Amazon!
  • contests and giveaways – some of the prizes, including some great memorabilia, are pictured below. Rare signed items, laminated backstage passes and more
  • the sixth Daily Dose Day!
  • a fifth cover project for download – Bruce’s songs, sung by you!
  • Request Friday – Si will be standing by to post your song requests for download from his extensive archive
  • the Dream Setlist project – the end result will go up for download
  • the mysterious Bruce Hornsby “time capsule”.
Great prizes!

Great prizes!

We’ve spent three years compiling “doses” for download which would be worthy of a special day. You’ll get the fruits on Daily Dose Day, where a new dose will go up every hour for a full 24 hours. The date is confirmed for June 30. To give you an idea of what’s in store, we’ve republished the downloads from 2011’s Daily Dose Day.

The next cover project has been a closely guarded secret, and for the first time, we’ve invited some select musicians. Some surprises, some favourites, and what they’ve produced so far has surpassed expectations, and some great song choices too! That’s coming in June also – in the meantime, you can download previous projects.

The 20 Days of Bruce begin this Friday, June 6. Of course, it will all be available free of charge. If you’d like, you can donate to one of three charitable causes that we’re raising money for:

Any kind donations will be accepted via PayPal, or at special pages we’ve set up at JustGiving and FirstGiving.

We’re also giving bonus “early bird” concerts for download to our first kind donors. If you’re one of them, you’ll get the link to download some terrific bonus content.

If you have your own website, Facebook page, Twitter account, music magazine or anywhere that you can share the word of what we’re doing, please link to this page. I’m happy to take questions also – please contact Si or post in the comments section below.

Come back at midnight EST on June 6 for the first downloads, and details of how to win some fantastic prizes! And who couldn’t spend $100 at Amazon…?!

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