Podcast #22 – phone chat with Bruce Hornsby

Our phone chat with Bruce went down on June 10 2014 as part of 20 Days of Bruce. Without a doubt, this was the best one yet.Bruce was in fine form and talked for 40 minutes on a number of topics, including:

  • The upcoming tourphonechat2
  • Working with Pat Metheny
  • Other current projects
  • The recent changes to the Noisemakers
  • How does he prepare them for live performances?
  • Reintroducing the “old” songs
  • Playing the hits
  • The upcoming solo record
  • Working with Pixar and Disney
  • News on the musical
  • The Jackson Browne tribute

… and a lot more besides. Bruce also confirms what we’ve had in the oven for a while… for the first time, June 30’s Daily Dose Day will feature music that he’s hand-picked from his own archives, and which has never been available until now.

Much to look forward to, and you can hear all about it using the link below.

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We’d like to thank Bruce for giving up his time so readily, and if we say so ourselves, for a really great interview!

You can play or download below. As we cut in, Bruce and I had agreed to steer clear of controversial topics like religion, or politics. So he immediately starts on the British Prime Minister…

Previous 20 Days: fifth download .. October 30 1998 (early show)
Next 20 Days: sixth download .. October 30 1998 (late show)

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