Memorabilia winner!

Congratulations to Carwyn Tywyn, who wins our goodie bag of rare Bruce Hornsby memorabilia. We asked you to name your dream setlist, and then asked you to guess what the top five ranked songs were.

Win this stuff!

Congrats to Carwyn!

One or two ran him close, but we asked for the correct order for the songs, and we ended up employing a scoring system to separate you! Three points for the right position, and one point for a correctly-named song.

The top five songs that you voted for were:

1. The Way It Is

2. Mandolin Rain

3. Fortunate Son

4. End of the Innocence

5. The Road Not Taken.

Carwyn managed to correctly predict the top three songs, and so takes away the spoils.

Well done Carwyn, and look out for that setlist in its entirety for download later in the 20 days of Bruce. Your dream setlist, coming soon!

Previous 20 Days: 9th download .. November 1 1998 (early show)
Next 20 Days: 10th download .. November 1 1998 (late show)

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