20 Days: 11th download .. November 3 1998 (early show)

Today’s show is the first of the band shows. A near twenty-minute King of the Hill and fun “Just a Swinging” top the bill. This is actually an audience recording rather than the soundboards that you’ve been enjoying – but a very high quality one.

You can find all the previous Yoshi’s downloads on our live concerts page – please bear in mind that the older ones have been temporarily removed to make way for these Yoshi’s shows.

Thanks all so much for the donations so far. We’re only now halfway through, and still have a Daily Dose Day to come! Don’t forget, you can find a more up-to-date total to the left, under “How much have we raised so far?

Current highlights:

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Yoshi’s, Oakland, CA .. November 3 1998 (early show):

  01. Long Tall Cool One
» 9.4 MiB - 691 downloads

  02. Just a Swinging > Will It Go Round in Circles > Great Divide
» 12.1 MiB - 779 downloads

  03. Sneaking Up On Boo Radley
» 8.5 MiB - 703 downloads

  04. Fortunate Son
» 5.8 MiB - 558 downloads

  05. King of the Hill
» 20.6 MiB - 542 downloads

  06. Mandolin Rain
» 8.1 MiB - 547 downloads

  07. Spider Fingers
» 15.2 MiB - 568 downloads

  08. The Way It Is
» 6.5 MiB - 568 downloads


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