Download: Portland Zoo, July 31 2011

Here’s how to start Daily Dose Day with a bang!

If you heard the recent phone chat with Bruce, he mentioned going through his archives to share some “special” performances with you today.

Portland Zoo show

Portland Zoo show

We’re giving a number of those up immediately… an entire concert from Portland in 2011!

It’s part of the tour co-headlined by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, with a lot of “sitting in” on each others’ set.The full setlist tells the story:

07/31/11 Oregon Zoo, Portland, OR
Go Back to Your Woods, Tango King, See the Same Way, Prairie Dog Town, Defenders of the Flag, The Way It Is (w/ Bela), Red Plains (w/ Bela), I Can’t Make You Love Me, End of the Innocence, Sunflower Cat > Lot to Laugh Train to Cry > Sunflower Cat, Rainbow’s Cadillac
Encore: Mandolin Rain, Little Maggie > Birdland > Little Maggie (both bands playing)
Comments: * denotes with accordion; ** with dulcimer.

Now, with grateful thanks to Bruce, the show is up on for download. There are some never-before heard downloads from Bruce later today as well, but for now, enjoy these…

  01. Go Back to Your Woods
» 6.9 MiB - 662 downloads

  02. Tango King
» 8.4 MiB - 678 downloads

  03. See the Same Way
» 8.8 MiB - 649 downloads

  04. Prairie Dog Town
» 7.2 MiB - 692 downloads

  05. Defenders of the Flag
» 6.4 MiB - 726 downloads

  06. The Way It Is
» 9.1 MiB - 693 downloads

  07. Red Plains
» 8.0 MiB - 691 downloads

  08. I Can't Make You Love Me
» 5.1 MiB - 646 downloads

  09. End of the Innocence
» 11.5 MiB - 709 downloads

  10. Sunflower Cat
» 12.4 MiB - 642 downloads

  11. Rainbow's Cadillac
» 7.2 MiB - 638 downloads

  12. Mandolin Rain
» 8.6 MiB - 674 downloads

  13. Little Maggie > Birdland
» 9.1 MiB - 687 downloads

Stay tuned for more giveaways, prizes and surprises during Daily Dose Day, all through June 30!

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