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Exciting news – “Bruce Hornsby – solo concerts” is now available for pre-order, with Bruce’s team today confirming a release date of August 25.

Solo concerts CD coverYou can purchase via Amazon and get it on release day.

The full track listing is:

Disc 1:

1. Entrance 0:32
2. Song E (Hymn in EB) 2:00
3. Preacher In The Ring Part 1 / Variation II (Webern) / Caténaires (Carter) Excerpt 7:10
4. Life In The Psychotropics 3:38
5. Piano Concerto (Schoenberg) Excerpt 1:25
6. Might As Well Be Me 6:13
7. Continents Drift 6:21
8. Valley Road 5:47
9. Caténaires (Carter) 4:05
10. Where No One’s Mad 3:39
11. Where’s The Bat 3:37

Disc 2:

1. Sticks And Stones 3:59
2. Invisible 4:09
3. Gavotte (Schoenberg) & Variations 3:26
4. Paperboy 3:04
5. 20/20 Vision / Night On The Town 10:43
6. Arc de Terre 1:49
7. La Grive Musicienne (Messiaen) Excerpt / Camp Meeting 4:50
8. Mandolin Rain 7:00
9. Etude 5 (Ligeti) 3:51
10. Here We Are Again 4:48

The official word is at

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