Download: Kansas City, MO .. July 26 2014

Here is something truly unique for you – following the solo concert format, we’re also joined by Sonny Emory on drums. Yes – this tour gave us another “first”, as Bruce has managed to find another angle on his music with Sonny’s accompaniment. A piano/drum duet show!

Bruce Hornsby with Sonny Emory

Photography: David Weis

Pat Metheny, whose Unity Group band co-headlined the tour, also sat in for the second and third songs.

We’re treated to several new songs this outing – four in total – two of which you’ll recognise from the Solo Concerts release.

Bruce has another solo tour this month, and Sonny joins him again on 26th and 27th in New York and Princeton, NJ. See the tour page for more info and ticket details.

Many thanks to KCMoeJoe for sharing this one.

Enjoy the download, and please leave your comments below!

The full setlist:

07/26/14 Crossroads KC – Kansas City, MO
Intro, M.I.A.M.I.*, Valley Road*, Preacher in the Ring, Adonis, Life in the Psychotropics, Talk in the Town, Lost in the Snow, Where No-one’s Mad, King of the Hill, Sneaking Up On Boo Radley
Comments: duet show with piano and Sonny Emory on drums. * denotes with Pat Metheny.

  01. Intro
» 578.4 KiB - 506 downloads

  02. M.I.A.M.I.
» 5.1 MiB - 541 downloads

  03. Valley Road
» 5.7 MiB - 565 downloads

  04. Preacher in the Ring
» 9.0 MiB - 561 downloads

  05. Adonis
» 3.5 MiB - 516 downloads

  06. Life in the Psychotropics
» 6.0 MiB - 484 downloads

  07. Talk of the Town
» 6.5 MiB - 489 downloads

  08. Lost in the Snow
» 4.4 MiB - 592 downloads

  09. Where No-one's Mad
» 4.8 MiB - 482 downloads

  10. King of the Hill
» 6.6 MiB - 522 downloads

  11. Sneaking Up On Boo Radley
» 2.7 MiB - 522 downloads

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