Bruce and the Dead: Sacramento, CA .. July 29 1996

jerry-bruce5Continuing our downloads and features to mark the announcement of Bruce’s involvement with the Grateful Dead’s final “Fare Thee Well” shows, from July 3-5.

We’re featuring a series of downloads of various collaborations between Bruce and the Dead. And there have been many: aside from opening with them and playing with them, Bruce has played the “duo” shows with Bob Weir, the Furthur tours, and had various members sit in with the Noisemakers.

Our next offering is another from the Further tour in July 1996, from Hartford, CT.

A couple of Bob Dylan covers in the middle make this a great show to add to your collection.

The full setlist:

07/29/96 Cal Expo – Sacramento, CA
Rainbow’s Cadillac > Well You Needn’t, Jacob’s Ladder, What A Time > Jacobs Ladder, On the Western Skyline, When I Paint My Masterpiece, I Shall Be Released, The Way It Is, White-Wheeled Limousine, Mystery Train
Comments: From Furthur Festival ’96.

  01. Rainbow's Cadillac > Well You Needn't
» 10.4 MiB - 456 downloads

  02. Jacob's Ladder
» 6.5 MiB - 370 downloads

  03. What a Time > Jacob's Ladder
» 8.1 MiB - 357 downloads

  04. On the Western Skyline
» 7.4 MiB - 373 downloads

  05. When I Paint My Masterpiece
» 5.1 MiB - 361 downloads

  06. I Shall Be Released
» 6.3 MiB - 360 downloads

  07. The Way It Is
» 8.6 MiB - 360 downloads

  08. White-Wheeled Limousine
» 7.1 MiB - 326 downloads

  09. Mystery Train
» 4.4 MiB - 378 downloads

Hope you enjoy, and be sure to come back to for more Dead downloads soon!

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