Podcast #26 … Day 2

Join us for day 2 in our week of podcasts…

Our all-music podcasts reach day 2, as we give you another hour of live Bruce Hornsby.

Most of the content throughout the week will follow a Grateful Dead theme. They’re all songs from Bruce’s shows, so some might be covers, or songs that Bruce played with the Dead (or the Other Ones), or songs where Jerry Garcia was a guest on the record… or just Bruce for the sake of it.

Make sure you subscribe via iTunes to automatically download each podcast. You can find it by searching for Bruuuce.com, or Talk of the Town, or Bruce Hornsby in the iTunes podcasts. Or check back at this site each day.

Today’s music comes from:

  • Jack Straw, Across the River > I Know You Rider – The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA .. 4.12.96
  • The Show Goes On > Swan Song  – Williamsburg, VA .. 3.30.99
  • Sugaree – Eugene, OR .. 4.10.96
  • Night on the Town > Maggie’s Farm > Iko Iko > Not Fade Away – Springfield, MA .. 11.24.93
  • White-Wheeled Limousine – Salem, VA .. 10.09.97

Come back for more tomorrow!

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