Our Hall of Famer for 2015!

The votes are in, and we have one entrant into our Bruuuce.com community Hall of Fame for 2015!

11035447_10207861729969628_1659853049179530461_nWe brought the Bruuuce.com gallery back for the redesign and that may have swayed things… we noticed it was getting a lot of attention (see the “Trending” widget on the homepage which tells us our most visited pages over the past few days. Although we’ve yet to re-insert a credit into all of the pictures, it’s good to know that one person’s photos were familiar to you all, and apparently stood out.

Way out in front was the Sunflower Kat, Kat Fisher, who becomes the only entrant into the 2015 Hall of Fame!

Here’s a  a shot of her on stage taking photos for the band. Several of her shots have been used for the records, and we also have a collection of her work on our Sunflower Kat page from 2013.

Kat gave her own very moving story about following the band in 25 years – Kat’s story. It would surely resonate with many of you. Her pictures have also been much appreciated on the Bruuuce.com Board.

Congratulations Kat, and it’s good to know you’re appreciated! Thanks to all who e-mailed with a vote.

Our previous entrants are all listed on the Hall of Fame page in the “Social” section.

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  1. David Day
    January 01, 21:09

    Congrats Kat!! Your initiation is at hand! Welcome to the club! Prepare yourself accordingly! Leave your camera at home!…..

    Still havin’ a ball!

    David Day
    Initiation Chairperson
    Class of ‘2007

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