Bruce Hornsby setlists 2016

Please feel free to e-mail Si with any additions or amendments to this list of Bruce Hornsby setlists in 2016. Thanks to all those who have contributed below!

04/14/16 Wanee Festival – Live Oak, FL
Country Doctor, What a Time > Spider Fingers, The Dreaded Spoon, Funhouse, Black Rats of London, Over the Rise, Valley Road, Mighty Rainbow

05/14/16 Cherokee Music Festival – Cherokee, TX
Crown of Jewels, Tango King, What a Time > The Dreaded Spoon, Mandolin Rain > Black Muddy River, End of the Innocence, (When in Rome)*, Big Stick*, White-Wheeled Limousine
Encore: Mighty Rainbow

05/15/16 Stubb’s BBQ – Austin, TX
Resting Place, Stander on the Mountain, What a Time > The Dreaded Spoon, Mandolin Rain, (Rehab Reunion) > MIA in M.I.A.M.I., Happy Birthday song, Tipping, Every Little Kiss*, Valley Road, The Wild Frontier, King of the Hill > Big River (w/Katie Shore)
Encore: Mighty Rainbow
Notes: * denotes dulcimer

05/17/16 Wichita Orpheum – Wichita, KS
Darlin Cory > Night on the Town (solo), Linin’ Track > Country Doctor,  End of the Innocence, Don of Dons, Heir Gordon, Funhouse, Dulcimer Set: Space is the Place, MIA in M.I.A.M.I., Rehab Reunion, Black Rats of London, Every Little Kiss, Accordion Set: The Long Race, (Keith Hornsby), Jacob’s Ladder > Cartoons and Candy > Jacob’s Ladder, back to the piano: Walk in the Sun, The Way It Is
Encore: Jack Straw

05/18/16 Knucklehead’s – Kansas City, MO
Hey Kafka, Celestial Railroad, Swing Street, Tango King, Mandolin Rain > Sad Mood > Black Muddy River, Big Boss Man, Great Divide, Hot House Ball, Every Little Kiss*, Green Green Rocky Road*, Valley Road*, On the Western Skyline, Fortunate Son > Comfortably Numb, Ross fiddle intro (Arkansas Traveler), Sunflower Cat > Lot to Laugh Train to Cry
Encore: Mighty Rainbow
Notes: * denotes dulcimer

05/20/16 Brenton Skating Plaza – Des Moines, IA
Over the Rise, Long Race, Across the River, King of the Hill > Arkansas Traveler, End of the Innocence > Sun Bear Theme, The Wind Up > Big Rock Candy Mountain > Candy Mountain Run, Pete and Manny > Barcelona Mona, Tropical Cashmere Sweater, Every Little Kiss*, MIA in M.I.A.M.I.*, Valley Road*, On the Western Skyline, The Way It Is > Goldberg Variations #1 (Bach)
Encore: White-Wheeled Limousine
Notes: * denotes dulcimer

05/21/16 River City Casino – St Louis, MO
Place Under the Sun, Go Back to Your Woods, (Ross solo intro), Circus on the Moon , Swing Street , Mandolin Rain > Black Muddy River, Baby Elephant Blues interlude, Defenders of the Flag, On the Western Skyline, Valley Road > (Green Green Rocky Road) > (Goin’ Down to Galilee), Celestial Railroad, Over the Rise, The Don of Dons, Walk in the Sun, (Sonny solo drum intro) > Jacob’s Ladder > I Put a Spell on You > (JV solo)
Encore: Dreamland

05/22/16 The Blue Note – Columbia, MO
Hey Kafka*, TSA Man, Spider Fingers > Tempus Fugit > Blackberry Blossom > Spider Fingers, (You Sexy Thing), The Changes, Look Out Any Window, The Wild Frontier**, Tipping*, MIA in M.I.A.M.I.*, Every Little Kiss*, Valley Road*,  Life in the Psychotropics > Catenaires , Down The Road Tonight, The Way It Is > Goldberg Variations #1, Big Rumble, Mandolin Rain
Encore: Cruise Control
Notes: * denotes dulcimer; ** denotes accordion.

05/24/16 The Palladium – Carmel, IN
Retrouvailles, Linin’ Track > Country Doctor, Adonis (from SCKBSTD), Parasol > This Too Shall Pass, End of the Innocence > Sun Bear Theme, Sneaking Up on Boo Radley, Pastures of Plenty, Soon Enough, TSA Man, Valley Road, Celestial Railroad, On the Western Skyline, Cyclone, Song E, Talk of the Town > Charlie, Woody and You, Mandolin Rain > Sad Mood
Encore: Mighty Rainbow > Lot to Laugh Train to Cry > Mighty Rainbow

05/26/16 Hard Rock Rocksino – Northfield, OH
Over the Rise*, Tropical Cashmere Sweater*, Rehab Reunion*, (Gonna Be Some Changes Made**), The Long Race**, Catenaires, The Way It Is, Hot House Ball, Gonna Be Some Changes Made, Halcyon Days, The River Runs Low (Bruce and Ross Holmes only), Every Little Kiss*, MIA in M.I.A.M.I.* , TSA Man*, Valley Road*, On the Western Skyline**
Encore: Sunflower Cat > Lot to Laugh Train to Cry > That’s All > Sunflower Cat
Notes: * denotes dulcimer; ** denotes accordion.

05/27/16 Taft Theatre – Cincinatti, OH
Hey Kafka* (Bruce & Gibb), Black Rats of London*, Celestial Railroad*, Valley Road*, Shadow Hand*, Tipping*, Funhouse > No Home Training, Simple Prayer, Spider Fingers > Tempus Fugit > Spider Fingers > Another Day, Every Little Kiss*, MIA in M.I.A.M.I.*, Wild Frontier**, Big Stick**, Swan Song
Encore: Caténaires > Mighty Rainbow > Train to Cry > Mighty Rainbow
Notes: * denotes dulcimer; ** denotes accordion.

06/23/16 Phi Beta Kappa Hall – Williamsburg, VA
Piano intro > Linin’ Track > Country Doctor, Webern Variation > Preacher in the Ring Part 1 > Catenaires, End of the Innocence> Song A > Sun Bear Theme >Song H,  (Like a Rolling Stone),  (The Don of Dons ), Praeludium, Neighborhood Watch, Valley Road > Don’t Blame it on Me, Green Green Rocky Road, Life in the Psychotropics > Cartoons & Candy, I Can’t Make You Love Me, Gavotte > The Way It Is > Goldberg Variation 1, What The Hell Happened, Darlin’ Corey > Night on the Town
Encore: Hooray For Tom

06/25/16 Funhouse Fest – Williamsburg. VA
Over the Rise, Soon Enough, MIA. in M.I.A.M.I., Tipping, Rehab Reunion, Hey Kafka, Tropical Cashmere Sweater, TSA Man, Valley Road, Celestial Railroad, On the Western Skyline, Every Little Kiss, Mandolin Rain, Long Race, The Way It Is (With Jack DeJohnette and Ravi Coltrane), Down The Road Tonight,The River Runs Low, Red Plains

06/26/16 Funhouse Fest – Williamsburg. VA
Place Under the Sun, Resting Place, Funhouse, End of the Innocence, Swing Street, Little Diggler Sorghum, Defenders of the Flag (with Bobby Hornsby), Fiddle > Drums intro > Jacob’s Ladder > I Put a Spell On You, Black Rats of London (with Floyd Hill Jr), Shadowhand, Across the River, Tango King, Sunflower Cat
Encore: Mighty Rainbow / Sunnyland Blues

06/29/16 Eastman Theatre – Rochester, NY
Retrovailles, Sticks and Stones, Where No One’s Mad, Line in the Dust, Big Rock Candy Mountain > Candy Mountain Run, Long Tall Cool One, The Changes, What a Time > Dreaded Spoon, MIA. in M.IA.M.I., Tipping, Every Little Kiss, Shadowhand, Pretty Little Diggler Sorghum, Valley Road, Pete and Manny, Life in the Psychotropics
Encore: Mighty Rainbow > Sunnyland Blues

06/30/16 Ann Arbor Summer Festival – Ann Arbor, MI
Great Divide, Country Doctor, Hot House Ball, The Don of Dons, End of the Innocence > Song A > Sun Bear Theme, Tango King, Mirror on the Wall (dulcimer), MIA. in M.I.A.M.I., Tropical Cashmere Sweater, Celestial Railroad, Valley Road, On the Western Skyline, Organ Intro > The Way It Is (minor 6/8), Mandolin Rain
Encore: Henry David Thoreau (with Jeff Daniels)

07/02/16 Weesner Family Amphitheater – Apple Valley, MN
On the Western Skyline, Every Little Kiss, Mandolin Rain > That Would Be Something, Down The Road Tonight, Piano Intro > Green Green Rocky Road > The Road Not Taken, Pretty Mumbles, Valley Road, Celestial Railroad, Rehab Reunion, Pete and Manny > Barcelona Mona > I Put A Spell On You, Fiddle intro > Jacob’s Ladder, Organ Intro > Schoenberg Concerto > Camp Meeting > (The Way It Is)
Encore: Black Rats of London

07/04/16 City Winery – Chicago, IL
Over the Rise, Soon Enough, MIA in M.I.A.M.I., Tipping, Rehab Reunion, Hey Kafka, Tropical Cashmere Sweater, TSA Man, Valley Road, Celestial Railroad, Every Little Kiss, Another Day, Columbus Stockade, Spider Fingers, End of the Innocence, Here We Are Again, Mandolin Rain, Sunflower Cat
Encore: Cruise Control

07/31/16 Floyd Fest, Floyd, VA
Linin’ Track > Country Doctor, What a Time > The Dreaded Spoon, On the Western Skyline, Valley Road, Every Little Kiss, Over the Rise, Fiddle intro > Jacob’s Ladder > Cartoons and Candy, Hey Kafka > (Tango King), Mighty Rainbow > Sunnyland Blues, White -Wheeled Limousine
Encore: Sunflower Cat

08/02/16 Center for the Arts – Jackson, WY
Sad Moon (Bruce Solo), The River Runs Low (Bruce and Ross), Praeludium, Neighborhood Watch, End of the Innocence > Sun Bear Theme, Lost in the Snow, Every Little Kiss, I Truly Understand, Celestial Railroad, Big Stick, (Cluck Ol Hen), Crown of Jewels, Lost Soul, The Way It Is > Goldberg Variation 1
Encore: On the Western Skyline

08/04/16 The Festival at Sandpoint – Sandpoint, ID
Place Under the Sun, Preacher In The Ring Part 1 > Preacher In The Ring Part 2, End of the Innocence, Mandolin Rain, Life in the Psychotropics >Catenaires, Bird Music (Messiaen), Over the Rise, Pretty Polly, MIA in M.I.A.M.I. > I Need You, Fiddle intro > Jacob’s Ladder > I Feel Fine > (Pete and Manny) > Barcelona Mona, The Way It Is
Encore: On the Western Skyline

08/05/16 Wilma Theater – Missoula, MT
Retrouvailles, Might As Well Be Me, China Doll, Mandolin intro > The Road Not Taken, Funhouse, King of the Hill > Mystery Train, Every Little Kiss, Hey Kafka, Tipping, Shadowhand, Prairie Dog Town, Spider Fingers > Tempus Fugit, Organ intro > The Way It Is, Across The River
Encore: On the Western Skyline

08/08/16 Denver Botanic Gardens – Denver, CO
On the Western Skyline, Every Little Kiss, Valley Road, Place Under the Sun, Funhouse, Piano intro > End of the Innocence > Sun Bear Theme, Fiddle intro > Jacob’s Ladder > Cartoons and Candy, Fiddle intro > Big Stick, Black Rats of London, Pretty Polly, MIA in M.I.A.M.I, The Way It Is
Encore: Mighty Rainbow

08/10/16 Sumtur Amphitheater – Omaha, NE
Piano intro, Linin Track > Country Doctor, Fiddle intro, What a Time > Dreaded Spoon, Tango King, Mandolin Rain > Black Muddy River > The Grand Tour, On the Western Skyline, Every Little Kiss, Over The Rise, Celestial Railroad, MIA in M.I.A.M.I., Pretty Polly, Organ intro > The Way It Is > Goldberg Variation #1, Across The River
Encore: Higher and Higher (with Max Carl)

08/25/16 Cape Code Melody Tent – Hyannis, MA
On the Western Skyline, What a Time > The Dreaded Spoon, Life in the Psychotropics, Every Little Kiss, MIA in M.I.A.M.I., Soon Enough, Valley Road, Jacob’s Ladder, A Song for You, Barren Ground, The Way It Is, White-Wheeled Limousine

08/26/16 South Shore Music Circus – Cohasset, MA
Look Out Any Window, Candy Mountain Run, Funhouse, End of the Innocence, Rehab Reunion, Every Little Kiss, Pretty Polly, Over the Rise, Big Stick, The Way It Is, Mighty Rainbow > Mighty Quinn, Down the Road Tonight

08/30/16 Keswick Theatre – Glenside, PA
Levitate, Simple Prayer, Resting Place, On the Western Skyline, End of the Innocence, King of the Hill > Mystery Train, Valley Road, Every Little Kiss, Black Rats of London, MIA in M.I.A.M.I., The Long Race, Great Divide, The Way It Is, Mandolin Rain, Black Muddy River

08/31/16 The Space – Westbury, NY
China Doll, Crown of Jewels, Place Under the Sun, End of the Innocence, Funhouse, Fiddle intro > Pete & Manny > Barcelona Mona, Tropical Cashmere Sweater, TSA Man, Valley Road, Prairie Dog Town, Green Green Rocky Road, The Way It Is, Jacob’d Ladder, Sunflower Cat, Lot to Laugh Train to Cry

09/01/16 Mayo PAC – Morristown, NJ
On the Western Skyline, Every Little Kiss, Black Rats of London, Cyclone, Take Out the Trash, Life in the Psychotropics, Spider Fingers, The Road Not Taken > Working In A Coal Mine > The Road Not Taken, Long Black Veil (on dulcimer after fielding a shouted request), MIA in M.I.A.M.I., Tipping, Shadow Hand, Big Stick, JT heavy organ intro > The Way It Is, Hooray For Tom, Mighty Rainbow, Valley Road

09/03/16 Shenandoah Music Festival – Orkney Springs, VA
Preacher in the Ring Part One > Preacher in the Ring Part Two, Look Out Any Window, End of the Innocence, What a Time > Dreaded Spoon, Crown of Jewels, Prairie Dog Town, Swing Street, MIA in M.I.A.M.I., Tipping, Rehab Reunion, Celestial Railroad, The Way It Is, Shenandoah, Across the River, Jacob’s Ladder

09/05/16 Music Hall – Portsmouth, NH
Hey Kafka (Gibb and Bruce only), Every Little Kiss, Over The Rise, The Red Plains, La Grive Musicienne > Place Under the Sun, Life in the Psychotropics, Barren Ground, Long Tall Cool One, Levitate, The Way it Is, Pretty Polly, Black Rats of London, Fiddle intro > Jacob’s Ladder
Encore: Dreamland

09/10/16 Jay Peak Resort – Jay Peak, VT
Take Out the Trash, Schoenberg > Preacher in the Ring Part One > Preacher in the Ring Part Two, Catenaires > Life in the Psychotropics, Dreamland, Cluck Ol’ Hen > Defenders of the Flag, (Clyde) > MIA in M.I.A.M.I. > (I Need You), Valley Road, Pretty Polly > Celestial Railroad, Pastures of Plenty, Fortunate Son > Comfortably Numb, On the Western Skyline, The Long Race, Cruise Control, Place Under the Sun, The Show Goes On


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