Download: Delfest – Cumberland, MD .. May 28 2016

This year’s Delfest saw Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers take centre stage for a terrific set, which is now available here for download.


8.5x11-lineup1-578x289Two new songs are featured as part of the now-regular dulcimer set – in this case “Over the Rise” and “Celestial Railroad”. Both are available on iTunes now, and feature Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Mavis Staples on the record.

Mark O’Connor joins on fiddle for Jacob’s Ladder.

Thanks to TaperJeff on eTree for the great recording.

We definitely recommend “Rehab Reunion”,  coming on June 17. You can order it here. Also you can get these purchases from iTunes now ahead of the record’s full release:

iTunes: Over the Rise (feat. Justin Vernon) – Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers

iTunes: Celestial Railroad (feat. Mavis Staples) – Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers

In the meantime, enjoy these downloads!

  01. What a Time > The Dreaded Spoon
» 7.5 MiB - 242 downloads

  02. Place Under the Sun
» 3.6 MiB - 209 downloads

  03. On the Western Skyline
» 6.7 MiB - 223 downloads

  04. The Long Race
» 4.3 MiB - 209 downloads

  05. Mandolin Rain > That Would Be Something
» 8.1 MiB - 219 downloads

  06. Over the Rise
» 5.8 MiB - 226 downloads

  07. Black Rats of London
» 6.0 MiB - 193 downloads

  08. Celestial Railroad
» 5.3 MiB - 228 downloads

  09. Valley Road
» 7.7 MiB - 194 downloads

  10. Jacob's Ladder
» 8.8 MiB - 196 downloads

  11. Little Sadie > White-Wheeled Limousine
» 9.7 MiB - 207 downloads

  12. Rainbow's Cadillac
» 6.1 MiB - 194 downloads

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