Dave Rich’s new music

We spoke recently with Dave Rich, who has contributed to several of our Bruce Hornsby cover projects (download his Black Rats of London). Dave is a long-time favourite of you all in the Bruuuce.com community, and Bruce’s influence on his music is striking.

Dave is taking the plunge into digital distribution of his music, and now you can pick up his entire catalogue for $2. It will all help fund his upcoming project which he’s currently recording. Here’s what Dave had to say:

daverich“I’ve been releasing music for many years now using usual channels but CDs are becoming less relevant and I’ve been looking at a really good way to provide downloads to my supporters.

I’ve decided to look at the Patreon model. It’s a very direct way I can get music out to folks and they can directly support me for the value they feel they get from my music.

I’m now using my Patreon page to distribute all my original music and future releases will be made via the page.

Basically all my entry level Patreon supporters get download access to Dave Rich and Dave Rich Band releases for $2 per month (there is no minimum term, you can cancel whenever you like). There are then higher level supporters who get additional benefits including a mention on the website and also free entry to exclusive gigs and videos updates.

Like I say it’s a new venture for me but it seems to be working out well for a lot of folks and the mechanism seems solid.

I’m just starting out with this so any support would be very gratefully received and I hope you really enjoy the music”.

Currently available to all Patreons:-
Making me Wings EP
Overload ALBUM
Sails & Bridges ALBUM
Reflections ALBUM

Visit Dave’s Patreon page here and check out his music. $2 to support original, quality music from a close supporter of Bruce Hornsby really is a no-brainer. We’ve pledged out support – can you?

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