Download: Grand Rapids, MI .. July 20 2017

Bruce donated this show to us as part of Daily Dose Day 2018, our fundraiser in aid of the ALS Association and the Merlin Centre for Multiple Sclerosis care. He recommended it as “a really strong show… as good as we get”. You’ll hear why when you download it.

A 13 minute “Little Sadie” into “White-Wheeled Limousine” really sets the tone. The band (in this guise) has been together for four years – t0 hear the understanding and musical conversation between them in this show, you’d think it would be nearer twenty.

Because it’s such a special show, and the quality of sound is tremendous, the file sizes are a little higher this time. In layman’s terms, they are higher than CD quality. 

As noted, Bruce donated this so that we could use it for our fundraiser. If you’re downloading it, please make a donation (however small) to our two very worthy causes. I can personally attest to the great work that they both do.

  01. Little Sadie > White-Wheeled Limousine
» 19.0 MiB - 298 downloads

  02. Place Under the Sun
» 7.9 MiB - 220 downloads

  03. Look Out Any Window
» 13.9 MiB - 258 downloads

  04. Funhouse
» 15.4 MiB - 197 downloads

  05. End of the Innocence
» 17.5 MiB - 228 downloads

  06. Gulf of Mexico Fishing Boat Blues
» 6.2 MiB - 204 downloads

  07. The Way It Is
» 15.1 MiB - 218 downloads

  08. Black Rats of London
» 11.3 MiB - 192 downloads

  09. Tipping
» 8.0 MiB - 187 downloads

  10. Over the Rise
» 10.1 MiB - 215 downloads

  11. On the Western Skyline
» 13.1 MiB - 206 downloads

  12. Mighty Rainbow
» 7.3 MiB - 204 downloads

Make a donation through this page.

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