Download: w/Miami Student Orchestra .. March 31 1994

Bruce recently announced a collaboration with conductor Michael Tilson Thomas and the New World Symphony. There will be two shows in Miami, which is where Bruce played with another orchestra twenty years ago. And today we’re giving you that show for download! (more…)

Download: Wolf Trap, Vienna VA .. August 6 2014

How do you describe this show from this past August? It’s a solo piano show, but really a duet show since Sony Emory sits in on drums on some songs, but then Pat Metheny joins also – so a solo, duet and trio show. (more…)

Download: Princeton, NJ .. September 27 2014

A great show from this past September, again featuring the Bruce and Sonny duet.hornsbyemory

The setlist should be accurate – Bruce sent it!

Thanks for AJ for sharing it with us.

09/27/14 McCarter Center – Princeton, NJ
(Piano Concerto – Schoenberg), Might As Well Be Me, Life in the Psychotropics, Lost in the Snow, Green Rocky Road, Valley Road, Preacher in the Ring Part 1 > Variation (Webern) > Baby Elephant Walk > (Catenaires), Nobody There But Me, Where’s the Bat >  Big Chief (Professor Longhair), End of the Innocence > Sun Bear Theme (Jarrett), Shadowland, Gavotte (Schoenberg) and Variations, The Way It Is >  Goldberg Variation 2, What the Hell Happened,  Sneaking Up on Boo Radley, Mandolin Rain, Where No One’s Mad
Encore: King of the Hill > Mountain Jam
Comments: duet show with Sonny Emory on drums.

  01. Might As Well Be Me
» 9.6 MiB - 348 downloads

  02 .Life in the Psychotropics
» 9.4 MiB - 409 downloads

  03. Lost in the Snow
» 7.3 MiB - 461 downloads

  04. Green, Green Rocky Road
» 5.5 MiB - 418 downloads

  05. Valley Road
» 9.1 MiB - 405 downloads

  06. Preacher in the Ring > Webern > Baby Elephant Walk > Catenaires
» 12.1 MiB - 324 downloads

  07. Nobody There But Me
» 7.5 MiB - 402 downloads

  08. Where's the Bat > Big Chief
» 9.0 MiB - 429 downloads

  09. Banter
» 3.8 MiB - 443 downloads

  10. End of the Innocence
» 11.7 MiB - 417 downloads

  11. Shadowland
» 8.1 MiB - 329 downloads

  12. The Way It Is
» 16.4 MiB - 332 downloads

  13. What the Hell Happened
» 8.0 MiB - 387 downloads

  14. Sneaking Up On Boo Radley
» 9.2 MiB - 327 downloads

  15. Mandolin Rain
» 11.3 MiB - 444 downloads

  16. Where No One's Mad
» 8.0 MiB - 317 downloads

  17. King of the Hill
» 10.4 MiB - 396 downloads

“Solo Concerts” in the press

Reviews in the music press for “Solo Concerts” have been overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of them:Solo concerts CD cover

All Music“This, almost more than his live records with the Noise Makers, illustrates his full range and idiosyncratic appeal”:

Something Else!“endlessly intriguing individual journeys”

Blinded by SoundPick of the week:

Daily Press“not only accessible, but downright fun”,0,7718510.story

Don’t forget you can leave your own thoughts, or vote for your favourite track, on our special Solo Concerts page.

Download: Kansas City, MO .. July 26 2014

Here is something truly unique for you – following the solo concert format, we’re also joined by Sonny Emory on drums. Yes – this tour gave us another “first”, as Bruce has managed to find another angle on his music with Sonny’s accompaniment. A piano/drum duet show!

Bruce Hornsby with Sonny Emory

Photography: David Weis

Pat Metheny, whose Unity Group band co-headlined the tour, also sat in for the second and third songs.

We’re treated to several new songs this outing – four in total – two of which you’ll recognise from the Solo Concerts release.

Bruce has another solo tour this month, and Sonny joins him again on 26th and 27th in New York and Princeton, NJ. See the tour page for more info and ticket details.

Many thanks to KCMoeJoe for sharing this one.

Enjoy the download, and please leave your comments below!

The full setlist:

07/26/14 Crossroads KC – Kansas City, MO
Intro, M.I.A.M.I.*, Valley Road*, Preacher in the Ring, Adonis, Life in the Psychotropics, Talk in the Town, Lost in the Snow, Where No-one’s Mad, King of the Hill, Sneaking Up On Boo Radley
Comments: duet show with piano and Sonny Emory on drums. * denotes with Pat Metheny.

  01. Intro
» 578.4 KiB - 310 downloads

  02. M.I.A.M.I.
» 5.1 MiB - 360 downloads

  03. Valley Road
» 5.7 MiB - 372 downloads

  04. Preacher in the Ring
» 9.0 MiB - 387 downloads

  05. Adonis
» 3.5 MiB - 323 downloads

  06. Life in the Psychotropics
» 6.0 MiB - 310 downloads

  07. Talk of the Town
» 6.5 MiB - 323 downloads

  08. Lost in the Snow
» 4.4 MiB - 395 downloads

  09. Where No-one's Mad
» 4.8 MiB - 303 downloads

  10. King of the Hill
» 6.6 MiB - 311 downloads

  11. Sneaking Up On Boo Radley
» 2.7 MiB - 337 downloads

Download: Wilmington, NC .. July 5 2014

Greenfield Lake Amphitheater

Greenfield Lake Amphitheater

Here’s a show from the Noisemakers this past July, featuring new additions Ross Holmes and Gibb Droll in top form.

Dallas Mavericks’ head coach Rick Carlisle also sits in on piano for Rainbow’s Cadillac.

Absent this time around was Sonny Emory, with Moyes Lucas making a very able replacement.

Bruce’s version of Jackson Browne’s “I’m Alive” has proved very popular amongst Jackson’s community, and received a lot of airplay.

I ought to point out that this is one of the finest audience recordings I’ve ever heard.

Many thanks and kudos to cfox for sharing it on etree in lossless format.

Enjoy, and please leave your comments below!

The full setlist:

07/05/14 Greenfield Lake Amphitheater – Wilmington, NC
Neighborhood Watch,  Big Rumble > minor key Mandolin Rain > Big Rumble, What a Time > Dreaded Spoon > What A Time, End of the Innocence, Life in the Psychotropics, Gonna Be Some Changes Made, Big Stick, I’m Alive*, Green Green Rocky Road*, Valley Road*, Funhouse, The Way It Is, White-Wheeled Limousine > Long Black Veil > The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance > White-Wheeled Limousine
Encore: Rainbow’s Cadillac > Franklin’s Tower > Rainbow’s Cadillac
Comments: Moyes Lucas on drums * denotes dulcimer. Rick Carlisle on piano for Rainbow’s Cadillac.

  01. Intro
» 1.1 MiB - 551 downloads

  02. Neighborhood Watch >
» 2.9 MiB - 510 downloads

  03. Big Rumble >
» 5.1 MiB - 454 downloads

  04. Mandolin Rain
» 4.8 MiB - 538 downloads

  05. The Dreaded Spoon
» 9.5 MiB - 512 downloads

  06. End of the Innocence
» 10.4 MiB - 510 downloads

  07. Life in the Psychotropics
» 4.5 MiB - 491 downloads

  08. Gonna Be Some Changes Made
» 10.1 MiB - 549 downloads

  09. Big Stick
» 7.3 MiB - 472 downloads

  10. I'm Alive
» 6.3 MiB - 562 downloads

  11. Green, Green Rocky Road
» 3.4 MiB - 469 downloads

  12. Valley Road
» 9.0 MiB - 491 downloads

  13. Funhouse
» 8.1 MiB - 446 downloads

  14. The Way It Is
» 13.0 MiB - 468 downloads

  15. White-Wheeled Limousine
» 12.9 MiB - 516 downloads

  16. Rainbow's Cadillac
» 11.0 MiB - 438 downloads

Editorial: is the “fansite” dead?

Let me preface this, please, by saying that I really don’t feel comfortable with with term “fan” (which I associate with “fanatic”), but I’ll accept the question in spirit in which it was intended.

It’s a topic that’s cropped up a couple of times to me lately, and so I thought I’d address it publicly in case anyone else is interested. I’m keen to hear your thoughts also.

As I understand it, the suggestion is that the likes of Facebook, and to a lesser degree Twitter and Reddit, have consumed the “unofficial” websites run for musical artists, sports teams, athletes or other celebrated figures – and to some degree, I’d concur. The community aspect of websites have suffered at some level from the all-powerful social networking. It’s very easy to find like-minded followers of your particular taste – Bruce has over 80,000 of them, which is a decent stadium full of people to share your thoughts with. It’s a simple process to start a conversation, and get the attention your thoughts deserve.

Has the likes of seen its day, though?

I’d answer, emphatically, no.

This is where the onus is on the webmaster (another term I hate – technically, it’s a content manager) to find something fresh to keep your attention. There is much to offer besides conversation – more on that later.

Facebook is largely an unmoderated forum, which can present problems. It can also be used as a “closed” community, which is the opposite end of the spectrum. One has no defence against abuse (and sadly it happens, regardless of the topic); the other defeats the object by offering membership by approval only. There’s certainly room for an alternative, and I think the Board (and others like it) provides a happy medium.

Instead of looking at Facebook as the enemy, perhaps it should be seen as a partner, even if a begrudging but necessary evil. No doubt several of you found this article through our Facebook page, which currently boasts almost 1,200 members. Additionally, each article integrates with the Facebook comment system, which allows any Facebook user to post and share their thoughts with that same audience.

At the risk of becoming a Facebook Lite, you can also use the board to share your concert photos.

Where the “fansite” triumphs over the social sites is in terms of variety of content. Where Facebook promotes engagement, a dedicated website gives a lot more besides. This website alone offers downloadable MP3s, voting polls, a wiki and thirty years of setlists. A typical sports websites (or music) will contain a wealth of editorial articles. And the discussion boards are (barely!) alive and kicking.

Although thankfully not the case with Bruce, Facebook’s offering can sometimes be a sanitised version of what the reader wants. Sports teams in particular offer a whiter-than-white, corporate view that doesn’t stand for any dissenting views.

The original question was put to me by the manager of another music-based website. My message would be to stick with it! The artist, as with Bruce, is creative enough to be consistently adapting their approach. The challenge for his site, as with this one, is to do the same. There is more than enough subject matter to keep it fresh, and is blessed with a creative community to keep the material coming.

Far from being put out to pasture, now is as good a time as any to get on board. Have you had your say on the Solo Concerts yet?

Concert writeup: Manteo, June 26 2014

Thanks to Aaron Pritchett for this writeup:

Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers Rocking Roanoke Island- Manteo, NC 6/26/14
What a beautiful night and beautiful venue for the OBX (Outer Banks, North Carolina) as Brew-Thru presented it’s opening concert featuring Chess Boxer, The Pat McGee Band and Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers.  Roanoke Island Festival Park is a 25 acre island in just off downtown Manteo, NC.
For all of you history buffs, Manteo is known for the Lost Colony- and for all of you old school TV buffs Manteo was also the home of the late great Andy Griffith!  Manteo is not far from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina- the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse! and The Wright Brothers at Jockey Ridge

The venue sits beautifully on Shallow Bag Bay on the Roanoke Sound and contains a wide open grass field for blankets and chairs as they face a stage with a huge glass window overlooking boats on the Sound.  Gates opened at 5PM and the concert began promptly around 5:35-5:45 with Opening Act Chess Boxer consisting of Matt Menefee and Ross Holmes of Chess Boxer! Ross is the newest Noisemaker and previously played with Mumford and Sons and Cadillac Sky.  I was very interested to see what these guys were about and they soon let me know performing an hour and 15 minute set of 99.9% instrumental music and it was mesmerizing and quite incredible.  It gave me time to get to know especially Ross who is a master of the strings and Menefee was quite impressive on the banjo.  These two guys quite comical and and really put on a show interweaving some really cool music together for a very entertaining set!  It would indeed be very interested to see how they would fit in with Bruce, Sonny, JV, JT and the soon to be heard Gibb Droll . . .

At around 7PM the Pat McGee Band took the stage and although I have heard of their music before and especially two  of their well known songs:

Pretty cool band, enjoyed them but of course ready for the Bruce to take the stage!

The venue and the people there were sprawled out across the lawn, it was by no means sold out but there were a lot of people there.  The first two previous concerts most people remained seated, but as they made the set change for the Bruce and the Noisemakers I along with hundreds of others made our way right to the stage and this is where I would spend the next 2 1/2 hours enjoying the closest I have ever been in this very beautiful and intimate venue!  As Bruce and the Noisemakers took the stage the crown erupted and let me tell you Bruce and the Noisemakers were on top of their game and ready to bring a show that hadn’t been heard like this before on the Outer Banks!  Here is the set list for the show-

Setlist 6/26/14

Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers- Manteo, NC (Roanoke Roanoke Island Festival Park)

What a Time
The Dreaded Spoon
Great Divide
Beach Music Tease
Life in the Psycho Tropics
Mandolin Rain>That Would Be Something
Line in the Dust
Tango King
*MIA -New song debut on Dulcimer
*Just a Tipping- New song debut on Dulcimer
Valley Road
Prairie Dog Town>Drop It Like It’s Hot!
Big Stick
Swan Song
Spider Fingers
The Way It Is
Rainbow’s Cadillac
The End of the Innocence

What a killer show!  Bruce teased that the last time he had been in the OBX for a show was for some JAYCEE Banquet back in the 70’s early 80’s so he referenced a little Beach Music tease after an awesome 3 song set of What a Time, The Dreaded Spoon, and Great Divide-  all powerful songs showcasing all the members of the Noisemakers and especially Gibb Droll who really stood out in my mind as one bad ass guitar player who really can groove and bring a lot to Bruce’s already witty, creative music style!  Bruce and Gibb really traded riffs all night and blended nicely!  Ross was impressive too, but at times it looked as though he was still trying to find his niche/role in some of the songs- but he didn’t disappoint and trade a few licks mimicking Bruce on the keys and Sonny on the Drums!  Menefee joined in as well on a few songs and Bruce did a great job of featuring the three new members prominently as well as showing off their cohesiveness and uniquenes they collectively bring to the Noisemakers!  JV, Sonny, and JT were as tight as ever and put on one incredible display of talent!  They haven’t missed a beat and put on well hell of a show, I think even surprising some of the newcomers, tourists, locals and those who were used to the Bruce Record Albums!  It was party all night and Bruce and the Noisemakers really enjoyed putting on a show for Manteo, NC!  Of all the songs my favorites and the ones that stood out for me were Tango King- a real jamming song especially for the beach, MIA and Just a Tipping *brand new songs in the Dulcimer set that Bruce and the gang produced just in the last two weeks and debuted them here first- really catchy especially the Tipping song about tipping waiters/waitresses!  The whole Dulcimer set was awesome and Bruce even eluded that his most creative form of music and new ideas has come with jamming with the Dulcimer, Spoons/Washboard (Sonny) and Ross (Fiddle) as of late and didn’t rule out a Dulcimer album in the near future!  He teased the Planes 2 contribution, the new Solo album in Sept,, Spike Lee Soundtrack, Bobby Weir and Metheny Tour and SKBSTD! Prairie Dog Town was SICK and BH doled out a little Drop It Like It’s Hot (Snoop Dog)

Big Stick was rocking,  Spider Fingers really got the crowd up and attem and Rainbow’s Cadillac was the climax of the show!  He of course had to calm the crowd down and close out the night with End of the Innocence, but all in all a very powerful show and can honestly say that they really enjoyed every minute of playing on Roanoke Island and for the people of the OBX!  Bruce as always poured his heart and sole in the entire show and I was very fortunate to be a part of this special night in North Carolina!

Thanks from TWLOHA

This past week I received this lovely e-mail from TWLOHA, and wanted to pass on their thanks:

Hi Si –

To Write Love On Her Arms

To Write Love On Her Arms

Hope this message finds you well.  My name is Bryan, I am the Director of Corporate and College Partnerships at TWLOHA.

I am so incredibly moved by your fundraising efforts and donations made to TWLOHA through some of our very active college supporters.

I organized the conference that you helped send 3 Boston College students to, and I can’t begin to tell you how much the weekend moved and inspired them to continue making a difference on behalf of TWLOHA in their own campus communities.  You can check out a recap of the conference by clicking here.

Sam Brown, the student from Eastern Florida State College, who received the $500 donation as part of our National Suicide Prevention Week Campaign was very moved.  Thank you for contributing to the campaign as well.  All proceeds are being invested directly into treatment and recovery programs as well as providing scholarships for those that cannot afford counseling.

You can read all about the campaign titled, No One Else Can Play Your part, here.

I’d love to know how you first heard of us and what moved you to get involved.

Thank you again for all the incredible support and your generosity. You’ve helped change many lives.

With Hope,


The ice bucket challenge

Before I get into this, I just want to point you to Caitlin Reagan’s writing. Many of you donated to the ALS Association in Melissa’s name – Caitlin is her daughter, and her writing on ALS (and a range of other topics) is inspirational. You can find her at ReaganEyes.

As for the ice bucket challenge…

I’m heartened that ALS is being brought to the attention of the world, but also a bit dismayed that a lot of ice is being thrown around with no mention of the original point.

Please remember the reason… and here’s my contribution. (more…)

Thanks from the ALS Association

Si’s note – I received this in relation to a personal donation, but it also refers to the entire 20 Days project and the wonderful donations you made. Elsewhere, I’ve also mentioned our answer to the ice bucket challenge, and the writing of Caitlyn Reagan, whose mother Melissa inspired so many of your donations.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge

Dear Mr Twining,

The fight against ALS isn’t the same today.

You changed it. Because of your generous contribution, The ALS Association – DC/MD/VA Chapter continues to empower and support he nearly 600 families across the region that are currently battling this devastating disease. Your gift will have a powerful impact on their lives and the day-to-day challenges that they face. And for that, your kindness is deeply appreciated.

Thanks to you, these families will continue top benefit from medical equipment, assistive technology, clinic and home visits, support groups, respite care, and transportation assistance – all free of charge – and coordinated through the Chapter funded Care Services program.

The difference between a good organization and a great one is the support of its friends On behalf of the Chapter’s trustees, staff, and the families we serve, thank you for partnering with us in the fight against Lou Gehrig’s Disease. If you have any questions, I can be reached directly at XXX.XXX.XXXX. I would love to hear from you.

Once again, thank you for your generosity. The success of our organization is built on your support. We couldn’t do it without you.


Judy Taylor
Executive Director

Thanks from the Merlin Centre

Merlin Centre

The Merlin Centre, Cornwall, UK

A very big THANK YOU

Thank you very much for your continued support of the Merlin MS Centre, with your generous donations of £200 + £1298.00, received in June and July from your Just Giving Fundraising.

As you are aware, the Merlin MS Centre provides comprehensive help to people with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions in Cornwall.

This work has been made possible by donations from thoughtful people like you.

In 2014, alongside our therapies, access to social and emotional support and subsidised transport, we are able for the first time to provide daily respite care at the centre. This new service offers the centre users activities and outings, a place to socialise and gives time for their carers to relax.

As we grow and provide more services to a greater number of people the cost of running the centre and subsidising its therapies rises. This year we need £320,000 to help our clients.  We receive no financial support from the Government and therefore rely entirely on fundraising, grants and community support.

Once again, thank you Mr Twining, for your continued generosity and help.

Yours Sincerely,


Loraine Long

Centre Manager

(Si’s note: with Gift Aid, the total makes almost £2,000).

Solo Concerts release

Bruce’s highly-acclaimed double-CD release of solo concert piano performances.

Download: w/the Range, Roanoke, VA .. October 8 1988

23-1400273356-3bff69d73562839e451665769f3c379dHow’s this for a Throwback Thursday… Bruce Hornsby and the Range from Roanoke, Virginia – 26 years ago!

Some choice covers Leon Russell covers here – can’t say I’d ever heard Sweet Home Oklahoma before. Some old favourites too, with John Molo and George Marinelli in rare form.

Many thanks to darkstar833 for sharing this show on etree in lossless format.

There are a couple of minor interruptions – this was recorded in the days of switching cassettes!

The full setlist:

10/08/88 Roanoke Civic Auditorium – Roanoke, VA
Look Out Any Window, Jacob’s Ladder, The Long Race, Mandolin Rain, Old Playground, Red Plains > I Know You Rider, The Road Not Taken, Every Little Kiss, Till the Dreaming’s Done, On the Western Skyline > Not Fade Away, The Weight, Down the Road Tonight, The Way It Is, Valley Road, Wild Frontier, Defenders of the Flag, Mighty Quinn > Idol With the Golden Head > Youngblood > I’ll Take You There > Home Sweet Oklahoma > Mighty Quinn

  01. Look Out Any Window
» 5.7 MiB - 457 downloads

  02. Jacob's Ladder
» 7.4 MiB - 360 downloads

  03. The Long Race
» 5.8 MiB - 364 downloads

  04. Chatter
» 2.4 MiB - 324 downloads

  05. Mandolin Rain
» 7.1 MiB - 387 downloads

  06. The Old Playground
» 5.9 MiB - 332 downloads

  07. The Red Plains
» 8.7 MiB - 348 downloads

  08. I Know You Rider
» 4.3 MiB - 344 downloads

  09. The Road Not Taken
» 10.2 MiB - 386 downloads

  10. Every LIttle Kiss
» 5.9 MiB - 370 downloads

  11. Till the Dreaming's Done
» 5.9 MiB - 379 downloads

  12. On the Western Skyline
» 6.2 MiB - 339 downloads

  13. Not Fade Away
» 5.8 MiB - 344 downloads

  14. The Weight
» 4.9 MiB - 379 downloads

  15. Down the Road Tonight
» 8.8 MiB - 363 downloads

  16, The Way It Is
» 11.3 MiB - 356 downloads

  17. Valley Road
» 6.7 MiB - 344 downloads

  18. The Wild Frontier
» 5.0 MiB - 339 downloads

  19. Defenders of the Flag
» 6.0 MiB - 329 downloads

  20. Mighty Quinn > Idol With the Golden Head > Youngblood > I'll Take You There > Home Sweet Oklahoma > MIghty Quinn
» 9.4 MiB - 373 downloads

New CD pre-order link

Exciting news – “Bruce Hornsby – solo concerts” is now available for pre-order, with Bruce’s team today confirming a release date of August 25.

Solo concerts CD coverYou can purchase via Amazon and get it on release day.

The full track listing is:

Disc 1:

1. Entrance 0:32
2. Song E (Hymn in EB) 2:00
3. Preacher In The Ring Part 1 / Variation II (Webern) / Caténaires (Carter) Excerpt 7:10
4. Life In The Psychotropics 3:38
5. Piano Concerto (Schoenberg) Excerpt 1:25
6. Might As Well Be Me 6:13
7. Continents Drift 6:21
8. Valley Road 5:47
9. Caténaires (Carter) 4:05
10. Where No One’s Mad 3:39
11. Where’s The Bat 3:37

Disc 2:

1. Sticks And Stones 3:59
2. Invisible 4:09
3. Gavotte (Schoenberg) & Variations 3:26
4. Paperboy 3:04
5. 20/20 Vision / Night On The Town 10:43
6. Arc de Terre 1:49
7. La Grive Musicienne (Messiaen) Excerpt / Camp Meeting 4:50
8. Mandolin Rain 7:00
9. Etude 5 (Ligeti) 3:51
10. Here We Are Again 4:48

The official word is at

Predict the World Cup game and win $25 at Amazon!

It's your national coach

It’s your national coach

As a thank you for yesterday’s Daily Dose Day, and as a means to drum up American interest in the World Cup if it kills me, here’s a contest carried over from yesterday.

You have until 4pm EST (kick-off time) to predict the result of the USA v Belgium game. If it’s a draw after 90 minutes, it goes to extra time to find a winner, so I’ll need the score after extra time. Put simply: I want to know the winner, and the score.

Not knowing (or caring) about proper football is no excuse – you have a free chance to win a $25 gift card at Amazon!

If more than one person gets the score, we’ll go with the first person who gave me the correct score.

E-mail Si with your pick!

This contest is open until 4pm EST.

Your questions for… Si?!

I’ve not forgotten this.. A.J. on the Board threw down a challenge for me to answer some questions, and suggest I left it for the 20 Days project. I’ve been a little preoccupied, but now I’m sitting down to answer them on about two hours sleep in as many days, so this should be entertaining… (more…)

Download: Black Mountain, NC .. June 27 2014

Pisgah Brewery

Pisgah Brewery

The Biltmore won’t take Bruce any more, as the crowd is “too rowdy”(!)… so he moved a few miles up the road last Friday to perform at the Pisgah Brewery in Black Mountain.

Several members of the Board were in attendance for a great night, and the “new” Noisemakers were impressive indeed. You can hear Ross Holmes (fiddle and mandolin) and Gibb Droll (guitar) take to the varied setlist with ease.

This is now the whole show for download. Hope you enjoy it!

Grateful thanks to Cliff Lawless for the wonderful taping, and for getting it to us so quickly.

  01. Country Doctor
» 8.1 MiB - 838 downloads

  02. Banter
» 1.0 MiB - 625 downloads

  03. Preacher in the Ring part I
» 5.0 MiB - 561 downloads

  04. Preacher in the Ring part II
» 6.9 MiB - 638 downloads

  05. Life in the Psychotropics
» 4.6 MiB - 638 downloads

  06. This Too Shall Pass
» 7.9 MiB - 587 downloads

  07. Pete and Manny > Barcelona Mona
» 8.4 MiB - 423 downloads

  08. Banter
» 1.8 MiB - 589 downloads

  09. Jacob's Ladder > Cartoons and Candy
» 9.3 MiB - 675 downloads

  10. M.I.A.
» 5.1 MiB - 590 downloads

  11. I Truly Understand
» 3.5 MiB - 602 downloads

  12. Valley Road
» 7.8 MiB - 606 downloads

  13. Sunflower Cat > Lot to Laugh, Train to Cry
» 11.3 MiB - 656 downloads

  14. The Way It Is
» 9.7 MiB - 639 downloads

  15. Banter
» 1.6 MiB - 536 downloads

  16. White-Wheeled Limousine
» 11.2 MiB - 560 downloads

  17. Encore break
» 3.7 MiB - 524 downloads

  18. Fortunate Son
» 4.9 MiB - 409 downloads

Win a signed Ricky Skaggs package!

Ricky Skaggs signed package

Ricky Skaggs signed package

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Ricky Skaggs.

And he’s generously donated to Daily Dose Day 6 with the enclosed package – a large, nicely signed photo, some keyrings and a fridge magnet.

I’ll add to that by throwing in any of Ricky’s releases on Amazon, up to a value of $20.

To stand a chance of winning, contact Si with the answer to the following question:

Name the bluegrass artist who has played in both Nickel Creek and Punch Brothers.

E-mail Si with your answer before 6pm EST and we’ll announce the winner later on!