Bride of the Noisemakers

[box] Released May 2 2011. Over a decade in the making, this is the follow-up to the widely acclaimed Here Come the Noisemakers. Another double CD release.[/box]

Bride of the Noisemakers

Bride of the Noisemakers

We’re continuing the poll from the “old”, which you’ll see on the right of this page – which is your favourite track from Bride of the Noisemakers?

Reviews (and a podcast):

Pop Dose: The Matt ‘N’ Jeff Radio Hour: With a new live album going on sale from Mr. Hornsby, Jeff suggested that we should record a podcast about it. So wait a second, you guys are okay with spending at least 35 minutes talking about Bruce Hornsby in public?  Hell yes.


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    September 04, 20:00

    knocked em dead in Sandy Utah Bruce what a show you and the noise makers are awesome.

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