Cover Projects

The cover songs projects – your own musical contributions of Bruce Hornsby covers, which have raised over $20,000 for charitable causes so far.

Shadow Hands

Shadow Hands

Since this website began, I’ve always said that it’s you guys who keep the site going, with concert photos, setlists, reports, the Board, and your always welcome feedback.

In 2005, I decided to really put the boat out and see if we could make a CD of Bruce Hornsby cover songs… and the results were overwhelming! With a generous spirit and an abundance of talent, the cast included former Range member George Marinelli, Taylor Mesple with Earth Wind and Fire’s Winston Ford, and Bruce’s Danish tribute band, “The Way It Is”.  The first project became a double CD, entitled Shadow Hands. The tracks are still available to all for free – please check the Shadow Hands page.

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

The phenomenal results of our first project were exceeded in 2007 with the follow-up, Caesar Salad.  With a definite folksy theme, it featured several more tracks contributed by your good selves, and was released on Daily Dose Day in 2007. This time it was in the name of charity – specifically, The ALS Association and Multiple Sclerosis care – who benefited between them to the tune of some $8,000. Caesar Salad downloads are also freely available on, on the Caesar Salad page.

2008 gave us Strike Three, in aid of the Everyman male cancer campaign. This one was put together very quickly, but was just as rich with your musical gifts, and willingness to donate. Once again, some fantastic music, and it’s all available on the Strike Three page here on

Bruce Hornsby covers

Strike Three

Such is the wealth of talent out there, we released another project in 2011. This time for the NSPCC for abused children in the UK, as well as the ALS Association, we released “Salivate” (a play on “Levitate”). Appropriately after a quarter-century since The Way It Is, there are 25 tracks celebrating Bruce’s contribution to the industry, and again raising helping to raise several thousand dollars for two terrific causes. You can find the whole project at

Then in 2014 we launched a fundraiser in aid of the ALS Association and the Merlin Centre, but also TWLOHA, a mental health charity. We raised over $6,000 for them in an outstanding community effort. You can download a dozen wonderful tracks at

And most recently, in 2018, the tremendous Postcards from Tossington, featuring another twenty contributions, again in aid of the ALS Association and the Merlin Centre. We’re tremendously grateful to each of our artists for helping to raise funds for two such worthy causes.

Bruce has been very supportive of each release, and has enjoyed them immensely. Every track on each project was donated for free, and in conjunction with this site’s Daily Dose Days and your voluntary contributions, we’ve raised around $20,000 for the nominated causes. Thank you so much!

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