This is not a band where you’re going to ask for the tour setlist in advance! Check the Bruce Hornsby setlists…

Each day, show and set from Bruce Hornsby is different, and the setlist pages are amongst the most popular on They go back to the late seventies and Bruce’s college days, and you’ve all kept them updated in the decades since.

The majority of this work is credited to Tom Doub, who compiled the lists for years before donating them to

You can pick any of them out from the drop-down menu above, or through the links below.


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  1. Peter Jerome
    August 14, 15:49

    could you please post the setlist for August 12,2011 at Chastain Park in Atlanta Georgia? thanks

    May 04, 05:59

    Would someone please post the setlist for the March 24th show in Beavercreek at the Vilar Center for the Performing Arts? Thanks!!!

  3. Bruce Hornsby & Branford Marsalis
    The Capitol Building Steps
    Washington DC
    A Performance For The Planet
    Earth Day Celebration

    A ‘Teddy Ballgame’ Archive DAT

    (Probable) Recording Info:
    Schoeps CMC34 > Nakamichi PCM > Sony Slhf-2000 Beta PCM Master

    DAUD: PCMm > Analog Patch > DAT
    DAT > Tascam DA45-HR Waveterminal > Adobe Audition > CDWAV > TLH Flac 8
    These Are 16bit/48kHz Flac Files

    d01t01. Barren Ground 5:20
    d01t02. Look Out Any Window (with John Molo) 4:51
    d01t03. Some Other Time (Cahn/Styne) 3:54
    d01t04. The Way It Is (with John Molo) 5:59


    22 April 1990 – ‘A Performance For The Planet’ – Earth Day, The National Mall, Washington, D.C.
    Other Sets Included:

    10,000 Maniacs:
    What’s The Matter, Here?
    A Campfire Song (w/ Michael Stipe)

    Michael Stipe:
    Disturbance At The Heron House (w/ Billy Bragg)

    Indigo Girls:
    Closer To Fine
    World Falls
    Kid Fears (w/ Stipe)
    Summertime (w/ Stipe)
    Get Together (w /Stipe, Merchant & Woody Harrelson)
    Hey You (w/ Harrelson)
    Notes: Earth Day Show With Billy Bragg, 10,000 Maniacs & Indigo Girls

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