Billy Yeager enigma film brought me here.

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    Hello members;
    I recently watched a film that screened in California about a musician / filmmaker Billy Yeager amazing story and the documentary features a segment of Bruce Hornsby. I didn’t know much about Bruce except that he wrote The Way it Is and Mandolin Rain, but what was most intriguing is how he became involved with this musicians career. I have never seen a better film documentary about a musician, I only wish Bruce could have spoken on camera about details concerning the music of Billy Yeager.

    I just bought the new CD of Bruce Hornsby and I love the new style, really connect to the whole raw organic feel of the songs. I just think it is so awesome that Bruce took the time to try to help another artist. After the screening many people said the same thing, I think he gained a lot of fans because of the story…well I am here!!!

    I am also a big deadhead, followed the Dead for years in my younger days, but never saw Bruce with them, wish I did.

    Peace to everyone.

    Chill Cheryl



    Thanks for the tip – I’ll hope for a general release and look out for it.

    There are plenty of recordings of Bruce with the Dead – and a bunch on this site! Check the “Downloads” section.

    Newcastle, UK

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