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    I miss the action this site once got from our Bruce fan community. Its a shame that a couple years ago all at once the folks that frequented this site basically on a daily basis just upped and left. I get it people do the facebook thing, but thats a place I never bother with. Im glad this site is still going but man I wish it was like it was a few years back. I like to check in here from time to time with my fingers crossed that the folks from the past make their way back here and make this board the place fans of Bruce can come to once again.



    Agreed. I think message boards are better organizationally for this type of thing than Facebook. But seems like Facebook is the way this thing naturally went.



    So a number things happened here. This site went through a period of getting hacked regularly. I installed security measures which were uber, uber stringent and made it next to impossible to log in. I’m working on that now (hence the post).

    Added to that, you may or may not know that the most prolific user of this board, David Day, passed away. Rich Diakun, another very popular member, also passed last year. While the community remains strong, Facebook is probably the avenue for keeping it alive, sadly.

    I’ve been vocal that Facebook has consumed the community website genre as a whole, not just this one. Although this board probably finally expired when a “group” was set up on Facebook to basically replicate this site’s content. I was slow to react to that and the Board’s audience had disappeared by then. That group has pretty much died a death itself by now, so I’ve set up a Facebook group to recover this site’s community. It’s linked up to Bruce’s official Facebook page:


    Rest assured that whatever happens to the Board, the remainder of the site is going nowhere – we have big plans!

    Newcastle, UK



    The only other fan site I check out is Ratdog.org and it’s amazing how that place is still going for a fan site, despite Facebook… I think a lot of folks on there might not bother with FB. It’s nice to keep this place going though…I still check in often…Especially the set lists and the wiki pages. Yeah it’s a shame we lost two guys who were mainstays as I remember both of them and their contributions to this site.
    I know Bruce use to read the comments posted here as when I last met him when he came to town in 2015 he sorta accused me of posting whining and negative stuff here but I’m pretty sure he confused me for somebody else at least hopefully he did as I couldn’t find what he was talking about when I look through past posts…still to this day that conversation with him bugs me for him to think/say that…despite Bruce’s misunderstanding of any of my posts, He’s still the man and I can’t wait till the next time I can see him play.



    Si, I want to thank you for keeping this site and the forims going. I am a former member and just came back. It has been so long since I have been here that I could not recover my old member name. I don’t mind that but I wanted people who remembered my old name to know who I am on the boards now. I did not leave intentionally but life just got busy for a few years. I look forward to catching up on what I missed. On a different note, I am sorry to hear that David Day and Rich Diakun have passed away. I was very entertained by their posts back in the day. Again, many thanks for maintaining this site. Cheers!

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