All Request Thursday

It’s time for some ART – another All Request Thursday! Live Bruce Hornsby songs for download, all suggested by you.Bruce Hornsby All Request ThursdayEDIT: This is on hold for a copule off weeks while we let you enjoy the live downloads coming out of the most recent tour. Keeop sending us your requests!

Hit us with your requests – live songs from any era, location, band iteration, record or maybe a cover that you like – and we’ll post as many of them as we can for you on Thursday May 2!

I’m not sure that we’ll be able to entertain the very specific requests (“find us a JV bass solo from Texas in 2004!”) but we’ll get to what we can.

Also, live recordings of songs from Absolute Zero are obviously at a minimum while the band are still learning to play them live – so we won’t be able to help there at the moment. Try us after the summer!

Please send your requests via our Facebook Bruuuce.COMmunity group or by contacting Si, and we’ll post as many as we can.

See you May 2!