John J.T. Thomas

Si Twining

J.T. Thomas has featured on: Hot House, Spirit Trail, Here Come the Noisemakers, Big Swing Face, Halcyon Days, Levitate, Bride of the Noisemakers, Rehab Reunion, Absolute Zero, Non-Secure Connection

Collaborations: Captain Beefheart, Don Henley, Sparks, Tracy Chapman, Emmylou Harris

A former keyboard technician for Don Henley, Bruce refers to John “JT” Thomas as “the greatest keyboard player in the band”. His extensive list of recording credits and musical collaborations are great testament to his gifts.

johnthomas Here’s his discography.

JT is an acclaimed composer, and wrote the arrangement for “Song F” on Halcyon Days, which was nominated for a Grammy in 2004. He also plays guitar on Levitate!

(As an aside, JT is one of the warmest characters I’ve ever met. He has been known to stand outside a concert directing traffic in the snow, imploring drivers to please travel safely. You don’t get that at every show!)