Bruce Hornsby Setlists

Bruce Hornsby setlists 2021

Here is our list of Bruce Hornsby 2021 setlists, the first out of lockdown and the first since the release of Non-Secure Connection. Please feel free to e-mail Si with any additions or amendments to this list. Thanks to all those who have contributed below!

Setlists will be added as Bruce Hornsby hits the road and begin their 2021 tour. Also don’t forget to check our live concert archive for downloads!

06/10/21 Suneagles Golf Club – Eatontown, NJ
Stander on the Mountain, Resting Place, Cast-Off, Mandolin Rain, Anything Can Happen, Dreaded Spoon, On the Western Skyline**, Every Little Kiss*, Prairie Dog Town*, Black Rats of London*, Big Stick**, Bright Star Cast, Fields of Gray, Circle Around the Sun > Across the River
Encore: Nobody There But Me
Notes:  first post-lockdown show. * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion

06/14/21 Levitt Pavilion – Westport, CT
Invisible > Cyclone, My Resolve, Charles Ives Study #22 > Blinding Light of Dreams, The Way It Is > (Thank You Sister Rosa), Line in the Dust, Leon Russell story, Anything Can Happen, Valley Road*, Echolocation*, Celestial Railroad*, Defenders of the Flag,** On the Western Skyline**, Swing Street, Love Me Still, Little Sadie > White-Wheeled Limousine > Just One More
Encore: Never in this House, End of the Innocence
Notes:  * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion

06/16/21 Beak and Skiff Orchards – Lafayette, NY
Absolute Zero, Shit’s Crazy Out Here, The Rat King, My Resolve, Fields of Gray, The Way It Is, Walk in the Sun, Spider Fingers > Dreaded Spoon, Funhouse, Every Little Kiss*, Shadow Hand*, Prairie Dog Town*, Sunflower Cat > (California Love) > Sunflower Cat
Encore: Rainbow’s Cadillac
Notes:  * denotes dulcimer

08/21/21 Brevard Music Center – Brevard, NC
Country Doctor, My Resolve, Every Little Kiss, Shit’s Crazy Out Here, The Way It Is, Cast-Off, Preacher in the Ring Part One, Preacher In The Ring Part Two, End of the Innocence, Valley Road, Never in This House, Talk of the Town, 20/20 Vision > Night On The Town
Encore: Mandolin Rain (minor key)
Notes:  * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion

09/16/21 Germantown Performing Arts Center – Germantown, TN
Bright Star Cast, Candy Mountain Run, Rat King, The Way It Is, Gulf of Mexico Fishing Boat Blues, Talk of the Town, Song F, The Good Life*, Shadow Hand > Moonshadow*, Every Little Kiss*, Prairie Dog Town*, Big Stick**, End of the Innocence, Circus on the Moon, White-Wheeled Limousine
Encore: Mandolin Rain (minor key)
Notes:  * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion