John Mailander’s Forecast: “Let the World In”

John Mailander is a 6-year Noisemaker with Bruce Hornsby’s band, and leader of the band Forecast. They have a record scheduled for release later in 2024, and they need your support to get there!

“Let the World In” will be an album of original music. John says: “I hope for the music to speak to the interconnectedness of pain and beauty, and how feeling everything may help us strive for a more empathetic world. It is a document of our development as a live band and musical collective, and the completion of this spiritual trilogy of albums we began five years ago.”

It’s recorded and tracked, but now the journey begins. There’s a lot of work to edit, mix, master and promote it. John is producing and funding this independently of a label, and so he’s asking for our support. He has a $20,000 goal to meet in order to get the record out – and he’s halfway there, with 13 days to go!

Please consider supporting original music, and a phenomenal talent, on the Forecast: “Let the World In” Kickstarter page. Your donations will count towards a digital download of the album, tiered all the way up to private lessons, album credits and concert tickets! 

John is frequently mentioned by you all as a highlight of the Noisemakers shows, and Bruce speaks so highly of his work. This his your opportunity to make a meaningful contribution and difference to the work of a consummate and immensely gifted artist.

Here’s John to talk about the Kickstarter campaign (and again, the Kickstarter link to support the album!):

Check also John Mailander’s interview with in 2018.

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