Bruce Hornsby setlists 2022

Here is our list of Bruce Hornsby 2022 setlists. Please feel free to e-mail Si with any additions or amendments to this list. Thanks to all those who have contributed below!

Setlists will be added as Bruce Hornsby and the Noisermakers hit the road and begin their 2022 tour. Also don’t forget to check our live concert archive for downloads!

03/29/22 Bijou Theatre – Knoxville, TN
Great Divide, Song H > Country Doctor, Days Ahead, Sidelines, Happy Birthday to J.T. > End of the Innocence, Funhouse, Cyclone, J.T. organ hymn > The Way It Is, (9 to 5 Tease), Valley Road*, Soon Enough*, Over The Rise*, Defenders of the Flag**, Anything Can Happen, White-Wheeled Limousine
Encore: Mandolin Rain
Notes: first time ever playing Days Ahead live. * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion

03/30/22 Walker Theatre – Chattanooga, TN
Circus on the Moon, Life in the Psychotropics, Bright Star Cast, Cast-Off, The Way It Is, Sidelines, Maybe Now, Every Little Kiss*, Prairie Dog Town*, Valley Road*, Fortunate Son > Comfortably Numb
Encore: Across the River
Notes: first time live playing Maybe Now. * denotes dulcimer

06/18/22 Lerner Theatre – Elkhart, IL
Little Sadie > White-Wheeled Limousine >  (Questions and Answers) > (Long Black Veil) > White-Wheeled Limousine, Long Tall Cool One, End of the Innocence, Days Ahead, (Bill Evans tune), Organ intro > The Chill > The Way It Is > Changes (Tupac) > Bach Goldberg Variations 1 > The Way It Is, Valley Road > (If Drinking Don’t Kill Me Her Memory Will)*, Is This It*, Over the Rise*, On the Western Skyline** > Under the Boardwalk** > On the Western Skyline**, Talk of the Town > Charlie, Woody and You > Talk of the Town, (Big Rock Candy Mountain) > Candy Mountain Run, Mandolin Rain
Notes: * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion

06/20/22 Kresge Auditorium – Interlochen, MI
Circus on the Moon, My Resolve, Fields of Gray, Days Ahead, JT organ intro > The Way It Is, Is This It, Sneaking Up on Boo Radley, Every Little Kiss* ,MIA in M.I.A.M.I.*, Prairie Dog Town*, Halcyon Days, Tango King, Across the River, Nobody There But Me, Cruise Control
Notes: * denotes dulcimer

06/21/22 Athenaeum Theater – Chicago, IL
Country Doctor, Cyclone, Anything Can Happen (Gibb on electric sitar), End of the Innocence > (Sun Bear Theme Keith Jarrett) > End of the Innocence, Blinding Light of Dreams, Tag, JT organ solo > The Way It Is > Sister Rosa > Bach Goldberg Variations 1 > The Way It Is, Shadow Hand*, Rehab Reunion*, MIA In M.I.A.M.I.*, Valley Road*, Jacob’s Ladder**, Big Stick**, Too Much Monkey Business, Rainbow’s Cadillac
Encore: Swan Song
Notes: first time live playing Tag. * denotes dulcimer

06/23/22 Holliday Park – Indianapolis, IN
Sticks & Stones, Great Divide, Bright Star Cast, Walk in the Sun, Meds, Cast-Off, The Way It Is > (Sister Rosa) > The Way It Is, Mighty Rainbow > Life of the Party > Mighty Rainbow, The Good Life*, Is This It*, Valley Road*, On the Western Skyline**, Funhouse, Little Sadie > White-Wheeled Limousine > (Long Black Veil) > White-Wheeled Limousine
Notes: * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion

06/24/22 Taft Theatre – Cincinnati, OH
Gulf of Mexico Fishing Boat Blues, The Road Not Taken, Mandolin Rain, Days Ahead, Sneaking Up On Boo Radley, If Drinking Don’t Kill Me Her Memory Will, Love Me Still, We Belong Together > (This Too Shall Pass) > We Belong Together > The Way It Is, Preacher in the Ring Part One (Bruce/Chad Wright piano/drum duo), The Show Goes On, MIA in M.I.A.M.I.*, Soon Enough*, Over the Rise*, Valley Road*, Too Much Monkey Business, Dreaded Spoon
Encore: Fortunate Son, Funhouse
Notes: show without Gibb Droll due to illness. * denotes dulcimer

06/26/22 Point of the Bluff Vineyards – Hammondsport, NY
White Noise > Country Doctor, Red Plains, End of the Innocence, Take You There, 20/20 Vision > Night on the Town, Sidelines, The Way It Is, Where’s the Bat, MIA in M.I.A.M.I., Prairie Dog Town, Is This It, Over the Rise, Jacob’s Ladder, Hooray for Tom, Talk of the Town, Sunflower Cat, Mandolin Rain

08/05/22 Libbey Bowl – Ojai, CA
Little Sadie > White-Wheeled Limousine, Great Divide, Tag, The Way It Is, Funhouse, The River Runs Low, End of the Innocence, Shadowhand*, Is This It*, Valley Road*, MIA in M.I.A.M.I.*, Over the Rise*, Jacob’s Ladder, Across the River
Encore: Mandolin Rain
Notes: * denotes dulcimer

08/06/22 The Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA
Circus on the Moon, White Noise > Country Doctor, Days Ahead, Cleopatra Drones, Look Out Any Window, Long Tall Cool One, Too Much Monkey Business, Every Little Kiss*, LIDAR*, Over The Rise*, Prairie Dog Town*, JT Organ intro > Schoenberg Variation 2 > (Carter – Catenaires), The Way It Is, On the Western Skyline**, Tango King, Rainbow’s Cadillac
Encore: Mandolin Rain > Sad Mood
Notes: * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion

08/09/22 Ford Tuthill Park – Flagstaff, AZ
Stander On The Mountain > Sister Fortune, My Resolve, Red Plains, Preacher in the Ring Part Two, Too Much Monkey Business, JT Organ Intro > Bruce Piano Intro > It’s The Same Old Song (Lamont Dozier tribute), The Way It Is, Black Rats Of London*, Shadow Hand > Moonshadow*, Is This It*, Valley Road*, Pete and Manny**, Down the Road Tonight, Across the River,  Cruise Control
Notes: * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion
Hide Bruce's notesIn Flagstaff the requests sent us down some old, not-recently-explored paths!

08/11/22 Vilar Performing Arts Center – Beaver Creek, CO
Barren Ground, Gulf of Mexico Fishing Boat Blues, This Too Shall Pass, End of the Innocence > My Favourite Things, Funhouse > Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Pastures of Plenty, Spider Fingers, The Dreaded Spoon, Walk in the Sun, Valley Road*, LIDAR*, Echolocation*, Prairie Dog Town*, The Long Race**, JT organ intro > The Way It Is (slow solo version), Sunflower Cat
Encore: The Show Goes On
Notes: * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion

08/13/22 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival – Lyons, CO
Little Sadie > White-Wheeled Limousine, Cast-Off Blinding Light of Dreams, The Way It Is, MIA in M.I.A.M.I*., Valley Road*, LiDAR*, Echolocation*, Over the Rise*, Mandolin Rain, Country doctor > (White Noise) > Country Doctor
Notes: * denotes dulcimer
Hide Bruce's notesThe acoustic set’s front-liners got a little drenched by the driving rain, but persevered despite fears of instrument damage! All was solid in the end.

08/14/22 Strings Music Fest – Steamboat Springs, CO
See the Same Way, Gonna Be Some Changes Made, Fractals, Maybe Now, End of the Innocence, Rat King, Tag, Every Little Kiss*, Kafka*, Is This It*, Sidelines**, Pete and Manny**, Jacob’s Ladder**, Days Ahead, The Way It Is, Circus on the Moon
Encore: Meds
Notes: * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion. “Maybe Now” first time live. Sidelines on accordion by request.
Hide Bruce's notesLoved the new-ish small concert hall; maybe we do two nights next time!

08/17/22 Pine Creek Lodge – Livingston, MT
(L’Escalier du Diable) > The Way It Is, Circus on the Moon, Sunflower Cat, Absolute Zero, My Resolve, Too Much Monkey Business Look Out Any Window, Mirror on the Wall*, (LIDAR  – false start: JT keys malfunction), Valley Road*, LIDAR*, Prairie Dog Town*, John Mailander/Chad Wright intro > Jacob’s Ladder**, Across the River, Mandolin Rain/ >The Sadness of It All
Notes: * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion
Hide Bruce's notesAn absolutely unique and enjoyable venue, although room on stage is at a minimum- we’re up there breathing on each other!

08/20/22 Hamel Family Winery – Sonoma, CA
Resting Place, Harbor Lights, Maybe Now > King of the Hill, Fields Of Gray > That’s Where It’s At, Never in This House, Too Much Monkey Business, MIA in M.I.A.M.I.*, Soon Enough*, Valley Road*, Prairie Dog Town*, Pete And Manny**, Tango King, Sunflower Cat > Baby Please Don’t Go, Rainbow’s Cadillac, Swan Song
Notes: * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion. Private function.
Hide Bruce's notesWe played a private gig on Saturday at a winery for our good friends George and Pam Hamel. (The setlist was) almost entirely requested by the hosts:

08/22/22 Palace of Fine Arts – San Francisco, CA
See the Same Way, Fractals, Days Ahead, Never In This House, JT Organ intro > The Way It Is > Sister Rosa, The Road Not Taken > Workin’ in a Coal Mine, Cyclone End of the Innocence > Sun Bear song, (L’Escalier du Diable) > Blinding Light of Dreams (with CJ Camerieri), Where’s the Bat (with CJ), Hey Kafka* (with CJ and Trever Hagen), Every Little Kiss*, Soon Enough*, Over the Rise*, Valley Road*,  Jacob’s Ladder**, Lost Soul
Notes: * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion
Hide Bruce's notesThe sound on stage in this hall was so perfect, and we loved playing at the classic Palace.

08/23/22 Neptune Theater – Seattle, WA
(Ives Study #22) > Preacher in the Ring Part One > Webern Variation 2 > (Catenaires) – all Chad Wright/Bruce duo, Preacher in the Ring Part Two
,  Stander on the Mountain > Sister Fortune, End of the Innocence > Sun Bear Theme, Cast-Off
, JT Organ Intro > Tango King
, The Good Life*,  LIDAR*
, Echolocation*, Over the Rise*
, Jacob’s Ladder** (with CJ Camerieri on trumpet), The Way It Is > Sister Rosa, The River Runs Low
, Little Sadie > White-Wheeled Limousine > Just One More
Encore: Cruise Control
Notes: * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion
Hide Bruce's notesWe’ve found our Pacific Northwest version of the Troubadour – vibey old-time room!

08/25/22 Revolution Hall – Portland, OR
Circus on the Moon > In Dreams, White Noise > Country Doctor > My Resolve, Maybe Now, Mandolin Rain > The Sadness of It All, The Hound (live debut), Cleopatra Drones, Halcyon Days, JT Organ intro > The Way It Is, L’Escalier du Diable > Blinding Light of Dreams (with CARM), Where’s the Bat (with CJ Camerieri), Mirror on the Wall*, Is This It*, Harbor Lights*, Valley Road*, Prairie Dog Town*, Across The River, Mighty Rainbow
Notes: * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion. “The Hound” first time played live.
Notes: solo show. “Non-Secure Connection” first time played live.
Hide Bruce's notesAn extremely satisfying tour-ending concert at the old Rev Hall in Portland. Audience was deeply involved, helping us range far afield stylistically (with special help from our friends CARM!).

09/22/22 Stiefel Theater – Salina, KS
Song F, Lost In the Snow, China Doll, Every Little Kiss, My Resolve, Non-Secure Connection, End of the Innocence > Song A > Sun Bear Theme, Preacher in the Ring Part One > Variation 2 > Catenaires, Sidelines > The Way It Is > Goldberg Variation I > Changes (Shakur) > Sister Rosa, Song C, Sad Moon, Valley Road (Dead version), Where’s The Bat, M.I.A. In Miami, Continents Drift, Mandolin Rain (minor key version), The River Runs Low, Spider Fingers > Questions and Answers > Giant Steps
Notes: solo show. “Non-Secure Connection” first time played live.
Hide Bruce's notesThe left-hand band is back-first public solo concert of the year last night in Salina, KS; a ready-to-receive crowd and a great piano and hall made for a strong opening gig. Thanks, Historic Stiefel Theatre in Salina, KS patrons and staff!

09/24/22 Gillioz Theatre – Springfield, MO
Harbor Waltz > Harbor Lights, Sneaking Up on Boo Radley > Twelve Tone Tune, Days Ahead, The Way It Is > Changes (Shakur) > Goldberg Variation 3, Love Me Still, Sunlight Moon, Bb Prelude >  Look Out Any Window, Song H, Hooray for Tom, Valley Road, Preacher in the Ring Part Two, Talk of the Town > Study #22, End of the Innocence > Song A > Sun Bear Theme, The Hound, Linin’ Track > Country Doctor
Encore: Mandolin Rain (minor key version)
Notes: solo show.
Hide Bruce's notesSince it was a Jazz Festival, the focus was slightly more centered on the jazz and swing stylistic area of the music, and the audience-performer interplay was enjoyable- there was even a brownie-giveaway somewhere in the middle!

10/14/22 Holland Center – Omaha, NE
Set One: Variation #2 for piano (Webern), Life in the Psychotropics, (Etude #13 > L’Escalier du Diable, Blinding Light of Dreams, Absolute Zero, Every Little Kiss, (Etude #4) > Arc-En-Ciel, Here We Are Again, Praeludium (Arnold Schoenberg), Neighborhood Watch, Voyager One, End of the Innocence
Set Two: La Grive Musicienne, Porn Hour, Cast-Off, Never in this House, (Fields of Gray solo), The Way It Is, Adonis, Meds, I’ll Take You There (Misty), Mandolin Rain
Encore: Mandolin Rain (minor key version)
Notes: with Omaha Symphony and Chad Wright; conducted by Rob Moose
Hide Bruce's notesWe were greeted in Omaha by a large and effusive crowd that was game for whatever we threw at them, and thoroughly enjoyed playing for them with the sublime Omaha Symphony. We will do more of this.
Rob Moose, conductor and arranger / Chad Wright- drums / BH- piano and vocals / Omaha Symphony Orchestra

11/04/22 Ferguson Center – Newport News, VA
Harbor Waltz > Harbor Lights, Sneaking Up On Boo Radley > Twelve Tone Tune, Days Ahead, The Way It Is > Changes (Tupac), Study #22 > Talk Of The Town, The Hound, End of the Innocence > Song A > Sun Bear Theme, Love Me Still, Cyclone, Cast-Off, Valley Road, Song C > Sad Moon > (Sonatina), Shadow Hand, White Noise > Country Doctor
Encore: Mandolin Rain, Never in This House
Notes: solo show.
Hide Bruce's notesFrom Charles Ives to Bill Evans, to Frederic Rzewski’s “Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues” low piano rumble, to seven songs with local origin stories, to songwriting collaborations with Chaka Khan, Robert Hunter, Justin Vernon and Don Henley, this concert ran a broad and wide stylistic gamut. Always a pleasure to play a “home gig.”

11/10/22 University Of Buffalo Center For The Arts – Buffalo, NY
20/20 Vision >  Night on the Town, Sidelines, Too Much Monkey Business, Every Little Kiss, Non-Secure Connection, The Road Not Taken, The Way It Is > Goldberg Variation 3, Go Back To Your Woods, Take You There (Misty) , End of the Innocence, Spider Fingers > Questions & Answers > Giant Steps > That’s The Way (I Like It), Shadow Hand, Bach C# Prelude > Fortunate Son, Preacher in the Ring Part One > Variation II > Catenaires > Bach Bb Prelude > Look Out Any Window, Sticks and Stones, Mandolin Rain (minor key version)
Notes: solo show.
Hide Bruce's notesAn exemplary piano and a very nice, large acoustical space made this concert one of the best, for me. And I finally played my Robbie song (Woods) solo! Not especially well, to be honest, but I hope to improve.

11/11/22 Koerner Hall – Toronto, ON
Piano Intro >  White Noise > Country Doctor, My Resolve, Days Ahead, Valley Road, Continents Drift, Hooray For Tom, End of the Innocence > Sun Bear Theme, Go Back to Your Woods, Cast-Off, The Way It Is > Changes (Tupac), Till The Dreaming’s Done, Catenaires, Shit’s Crazy Out Here, The River Runs Low, Questions And Answers, Mandolin Rain (original) > When The Grass Grows Over Me 
Encore: King Of The Hill > There is a Mountain
Notes: solo show.
Hide Bruce's notes The immaculate, pristine clarity of sound in this hall was a bit daunting to me because I realized that every little screwup, every little clam (musician’s term for a mistake!) would be so clearly heard by everyone in the room. In the end, it was a very special night; I was extremely, surprisingly comfortable in this “under the microscope” setting, and I have not always been over the years. I think (hope) we’ll be back sooner than the nine years that went by between this and the last Koerner Hall concert.

11/15/22 Brooklyn Bowl – Brooklyn, NY
Stander on the Mountain, Circus on the Moon, My Resolve, White Noise > Country Doctor, Meds, Maybe Now, Green Rocky Road*,  LIDAR*, MIA in M.I.A.M.I.*, (TSA Man)*, Shadow Hand*, Prairie Dog Town*, Jacob’s Ladder**,  The Way It Is, Fortunate Son, Mighty Rainbow, Mandolin Rain
Notes: * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion. Noisemakers show.
Hide Bruce's notesWe had a tough time at the Bowl dealing with on-stage sound issues; continual feedback, never-ending strange hums, and very loud PA speaker directly overhead making for a very difficult time of it for most of us. I’m hoping we were able to overcome these problems to deliver a solid show; maybe some JV stage- dancing and JV stage dives could have helped.

11/16/22 Colonial Theatre – Phoenixville, PA
Sticks and Stones, Funhouse, Cyclone, JT organ intro > The Way It Is, Sneaking up on Boo Radley > (L’Escalier du Diable), Cast-Off, Valley Road*, Echolocation*, Over the Rise*, Goldberg Variation #3 > Gonna Be Some Changes Made, Anything Can Happen, Too Much Monkey Business, Across the River
Notes: * denotes dulcimer. Noisemakers show.
Hide Bruce's notes Nights like this exemplify the heights to which we aspire in our concerts. We don’t always attain this level but it does happen often enough, and it makes us continue to come back to try to experience it again and again.

11/17/22 Scottish Rite Auditorium – Collingswood, NJ
See the Same Way, Gulf of Mexico Fishing Boat Blues, Long Tall Cool One, End of the Innocence > Sun Bear Theme > End of the Innocence, Preacher in the Ring Part Two, (Crowd sings Bruce happy birthday), The Hound, Goldberg Variation #3 > The Way It Is, Never in This House, Drums/Fiddle Intro > Great Divide, Every Little Kiss*, Is This It*, MIA in M.I.A.M.I.*, Fiddle Intro > On the Western Skyline**, Cruise Control, Mandolin Rain > The Grand Tour > Mandolin Rain
Notes: * denotes dulcimer, ** denotes accordion. Noisemakers show.
Hide Bruce's notesThe band’s third and last night of this short run (scheduled around the make-up Brooklyn Bowl date) was full of spontaneity (from the audience as well!), laughs and deep musical dives. It’s a pure joy to play with these mates of mine, and musical mirth and mayhem flew around the stage all through the night. We’ll be back again for a couple in Arizona, in January.

11/20/22 Wilbur Theater – Boston, MA
20/20 Vision > Night on the Town, Sneaking Up On Boo Radley > Etude #13 >  (L’Escalier du Diable) > Twelve Tone Tune, Sidelines, Every Little Kiss, Days Ahead, Preacher in the Ring > Variation #2 > (Catenaires, End of the Innocence, Shadowland, Man Like You, The Way It Is, Halcyon Days, Valley Road, Harbor Waltz > Harbor Lights, Spider Fingers > Questions & Answers > Giant Steps, Mandolin Rain (Skaggs-Hornsby version)
Hide Bruce's notesThis night was going along extremely well until, toward the end, a few people in the crowd started yelling idiotic requests. I then said “this requires a major vibe correction”; someone quietly asked for “Halcyon Days”, I played it, and the crowd pin-dropped. We (my audience partners and I) went on to finish a broad-ranged night of solo music, in which I (mostly) had my best stuff. See you next year!

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