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The Hall of Fame – Make no mistake, this site depends on the contributions from your good selves. All of your contributions are invaluable. And if you’re in no position to help, well you’re visiting, and it’s really appreciated.

This page is some way of recognising the efforts of others – some were suggestions to me, and others are my own picks. There will be others added in the year to come, but I’m hoping to make this an annual tradition, along with the awards. The only qualifications are that the people inducted have given benefit to the music, or the community. So, make way for the Hall of Fame inductees.

The 2015 inductees

“Sunflower Kat” Fisher
Sunflower Kat You’ve all benefitted from Kat’s photography for years, and clearly you appreciate her!

Her work has been included with Bruce’s official releases, and she has kindly shared her talents with us for over a decade.

Her photography is amongst the most visited pages on, and we’d like to thank her for letting us feature it.

Congrats to our sole inductee for 2015, Kat Fisher!

The 2014 inductees

Kathy Hornsby
Kathy Hornsby Not sure how this one took so long… where would be if Kathy didn’t let Bruce out to play as often as she does?!

Aside from being Bruce’s business manager, Kathy’s artwork has been a constant in Bruce’s records. Her photo of Chesapeake Bay (“The Way It Is”), and her paintings (“Camp Meeting”, “Levitate”) all made for such memorable artwork.

Kathy is indeed a central figure in all that we’ve come to appreciate in the world of Bruce’s music, and we thank her sincerely for that.

Dave Rich
daverich We’ve been proud to release five different cover projects over the years, in the name of several causes. Dave has been a part of four of them, either on his own or as part of the Dave Rich Band. Amongst the casting votes were some (deservedly) kind comments:

“Special mention to Dave Rich for his Black Rats. Always been impressed with what he turns out”.

“Where do I get more of Dave Rich?? LOVE his work”.

You can hear more of Dave on our cover projects page and his official website.

Rich Diakun
richdiakun Another contributor to our cover projects, Rich’s version of Passing Through was mentioned by Bruce as a particular favourite of his.

Rich grew up in Williamsburg around the same time as Bruce, and his wonderful humour and knowledge of music has always benefited the community. As noted by one long-time member, “Please, please recognize Richard in this year’s awards. Our little family is much “richer” for his presence”.

The 2013 inductees

Bobby Read

Bobby Read
I’ve seen Bobby’s solos encourage so many people out of their seats over the years. As well as such a valued member of the Bruuuce community, Bobby is a solo artist in his own right and also uses his talents to play with local musicians in Virginia.

A gifted producer, composer and arranger , Bobby runs Small World Audio from his home in Charlottesville, Virginia. We’ve compiled a tribute to Bobby from you all, complete with selected live audio tracks for download, at Hall of Famer Bobby Read!

Doug DerryberryDoug Derryberry
One of my favourite things to do at a BH show is to watch Doug, and see where he plays a part vocally, playing the perfect match to Bruce’s voice. His guitar, Bruce has said himself, “makes my toes curl”. How about this for a list of mixing, producing and performing credits: Ben Folds, Dave Matthews Band, Bruce Hornsby, Bonnie Raitt, Chaka Khan, Ricky Skaggs, Bela Fleck, Branford Marsalis, James Ingram, John Mayer, Vertical Horizon and Pat McGee. Read and hear more at Hall of Famer Doug Derryberry!


The 2010 inductees

Bryan Dunn

Bryan Dunn
An overwhelming favourite this year with the community!

Bryan has designed Bruce’s official website from 2006 to 2010, and also contributed in large manner to this one, too. Any concert announcements, latest news, even You Tube updates all come from Bryan’s fingers. Any snippets of information you’ve heard, you almost certainly heard it from Bryan first, and we’re eternally grateful for all he’s done to keep the “official” world, and this one, updated.


Rick Rodrigues
Another name that you may not know, but you have all benefited from Rick’s generosity over the years.

Most of the Daily Doses that you’ve heard have been provided by Rick. His archive of music, made freely available for download, make up most of what is shared here… so while you may visit for your “Daily Dose”, I’m merely passing on what Rick has already shared so freely. His former website made his generosity clear, and I’d like to give him thanks for that!

The 2009 inductees


Bruce’s nephew and occasional guitarist, R.S.Hornsby departed from us in January 2009.

We were a wealthy and fortunate bunch to have shared time with him and still have a catalogue of recordings to enjoy. His gifts will forever be remembered.

His official website and a tribute,, provide some of those recordings for you. Please continue to share them.


Tony “Big Rumble” Merriman
I’ve met several of you in different cities and continents, and if pressed, would name Tony as Bruce’s number one fan.

As knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the music as you’ll ever find, Tony was a walking encyclopaedia, and always went out of his way to introduce me to music that I’d have otherwise never have heard. Many of you have recalled fondly his infectious dedication and his gift for sharing. Credited in the first “Noisemakers” liner notes, Tony is remembered fondly by us all today.

The 2008 inductees


The community
2008 saw this site take an extended break to recharge some batteries, and so it was left to you guys to keep things going. You didn’t disappoint!

The Board sprang into life as you guys took on all the chief responsibilities, including concert sharing, setlists and all the Hornsby news.

Thanks to you all for keeping the site alive… take your place amongst the dignitaries below in the Hall of Fame!

The 2007 inductees

Carey's pics

Carey Wilhelm
First up is the Road Scholar of the year (see the Board if that makes no sense to you!) … and probably the Road Scholar of any year!

Carey follows the Noisemakers around the country in much the same way as a sports fan does exactly the same. And why would you be familiar with her name? Carey is an expert photographer, and her work has appeared all over Bruce’s recent albums. Bruce will readily tell you – Carey’s contribution to the Bruuuce community is a great one!


David Day
Speaking of the site forum, here comes our second inductee – one David Day!

A lot of this site’s activity in 2007 was left to the forum – and David was right in the middle of it, keeping it rolling throughout the year. Those who know him will be sure that David is one to shy away from any publicity(!!!), but these thanks are well deserved. His contribution to the Daily Dose Day, in particular, was immense.


The Merlin Project
See how these are all linking together so seamlessly?! The Merlin Project is traditionally the chief beneficiary of Daily Dose Day’s charity project, and exists to provide care for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis.

2008 is the year they start building their hospice – a really monumental achievement after funding was withdrawn from their main source. Their founder, Dr Derek Murphy, has always been keen to thank you all for your generosity in helping to make that happen. See their website for more.


Melissa Reagan
Melissa Reagan is our first inductee outside of our usual “year-end” festivities, and deservedly so!

Melissa has been Bruce’s right-hand girl, on and off, since the start. She’s also the coolest girl on the Bruuuce scene, and dealing with her has been like dealing with the coolest person in school – always in the know, and always making sure you’re looked after! She’s finishing up in March ’07, and while she’ll always be around, we’ll miss her dedication and work terribly!

The 2006 inductees


Peter Banta
A name that you might not know, but you have doubtless benefited from Peter’s work through the years.

Peter is Bruce’s tour manager, and every venue – and indeed performance – are the result of Peter’s tireless work. On a personal note, Peter has always gone out of his way to make me feel welcome whenever I’ve shown up – and included (whatever traveling party I happened to be with) in his hospitality. My own MVP of 2006.


Miguel Danielson
Miguel ran for several years, and was really in at the start of the internet trend. Always innovative and always creative, Miguel’s flair for design really set his site apart from many others, this one included. He was a great support in starting this site up also.

Miguel has, I believe, now descended into a legal career (sorry, Miguel!)… Bruce thanked him in his liner notes for his contribution, and we’d like to do the same. Miguel, if you’re still around – drop us a line!


Wayne Pooley
In much the same way as Peter Banta, Wayne is always there, at every show, playing the most significant part in your night. If Wayne weren’t there, you wouldn’t hear a thing – he works the sound board! Wayne is at each venue hours before a show, making sure that the sound you hear is the best that it possibly can be. That’s a different challenge for each location.

The live records – not to mention the studio ones – have been the fruit of Wayne’s work for the last several years. Thanks, Wayne!


Will Satterthwaite
As long as this website has been around, so have Will’s concert tapings.

His knowledge of how to achieve an outstanding audience recording, together with his willingness to share the results, have given much to this site, and by extension, to all of you.

Will does a top notch job, and I’d like to recognise that on these pages. Thanks, Will!


Claus Barfoed and “The Way It Is”
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, he started a tribute band which now boasts a catalogue of over thirty of Bruce’s songs. And let me tell you that they are good! Intrigued, Bruce surprised them by sitting in with them for two songs during a visit to Denmark in 2004. Claus has certainly played his part in spreading the word of Bruce’s music in Europe.

Please check them out on several of our cover projects.

The 2005 inductees

Patti Martin
Our friend Patti was Bruce’s assistant for several years. Any e-mails, signed items, concert questions, help with concerts, or anything at all coming from Bruce’s office came with Patti’s help. Patti left the job in 2005 to move with her family, but the thanks from us all left on this site at the time were a fitting testimony indeed. We’re all grateful that she moved back into the office a couple of years later, and appreciate all that she does to this day!


Tom Doub
Long before this site poked it’s nose in during the summer of ’98, Tom Doub was around to keep an online list of setlists dating back to 1974. With a regular dose of Name that Tune contests, an always willing contributor to countless live collections, Tom can take a large share of the credit for creating the online trading community of Horsby shows.

Tom donated his outstanding database of setlists to this site when it finally made the move from rag-tag collection of web pages to become

JV Collier

Bruce’s bass player, and a very active member of the Bruuuce internet fraternity with the introduction of his official website. This year, JV kept us all posted (and definitely entertained) with his tour diary, which he’s since maintained with stories under the heading of both hilarious and hideous. He’s responded to anyone who has said hello in his guestbook, and won himself some new friends in the process. Ever the joker and with a permanent grin from ear to ear, the fun he’s having on stage is always transmitted to an appreciative audience.

Damon Westjohn
Not a familiar name to most, but I’d guess that most of you have benefitted from his work. Damon is the Operations Manager at MunckMix, who run amongst other live music ventures. It was Damon’s lone powers of persuasion over some years that finally led to Bruce doing what he’d been wanting to do for some time, and got us the ever-expanding catalogue of live soundboard recordings that we can buy today. Incidentally, a lot of the work on the CDs, from splitting the tracks to the labelling, is all Damon’s work.

Shadow Hands

Shadow Hands project
This started as a winter project last year to nod the head to Bruce’s music. What it became was a double CD that, whilst providing a fitting tribute to Bruce, was an outstanding testament to the musical abilities of 25 of you.

Bruce had real fun with it, particularly enjoying the different takes on his songs such as Rich Diakun’s “Passing Through”, and he’s called Katy Holtkamp regarding her contributions. The music is still freely shared and some of it is still available for download at the Strike Three CD website.

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