Your Hall of Famers for 2014

halloffame This year’s Hall of Fame is a tale of two Riches… and a Kathy.

The rules are simple – every year I open the vote to all’s visitors to suggest a new inductee to the Hall of Fame. There will be no leading suggestions from me, and any clear leaders are inducted. Sometimes that means no entrants; other times, like this year, as many as three.

Those suggested tend to be those who have contributed greatly to the community, as this year clearly reflects.

So with our best tuxedos on, our throats cleared and our drums rolled, here are the 2014 Hall of Famers, as voted by all of you:

1. Kathy Hornsby

kathyhornsby Not sure how this one took so long… as one person put it, “where would we be if Kathy didn’t let Bruce out to play as often as she does?!”

Aside from being Bruce’s business manager, Kathy’s artwork has been a constant in Bruce’s records. Her photo of Chesapeake Bay (“The Way It Is”), and her paintings (“Camp Meeting”, “Levitate”) all made for such memorable artwork.

Kathy is indeed a central figure in all that we’ve come to appreciate in the world of Bruce’s music, and we thank her sincerely for that.

The other two recognised made me really happy – testament to the community we’ve created, and that those mentioned are very much a part of it:

2. Dave Rich

W daverich e’ve been proud to release five different cover projects over the years, in the name of several causes. Dave has been a part of four of them, either on his own or as part of the Dave Rich Band. Amongst the casting votes were some (deservedly) kind comments:

“Special mention to Dave Rich for his Black Rats. Always been impressed with what he turns out”.

“Where do I get more of Dave Rich?? LOVE his work”.

You can hear more of Dave on our cover projects page and his official website.

3. Rich Diakun


Rich has been around since the old “newsgroup” days, pre-dating this website and the Board.

Another contributor to our cover projects, Rich’s version of Passing Through was mentioned by Bruce as a particular favourite of his.

Rich grew up in Williamsburg around the same time as Bruce, Rich has always been a central part of our online presence since the start, and his wonderful humour and knowledge of music has always benefited the community. As noted by one long-time member, “Please, please recognize Richard in this year’s awards. Our little family is much “richer” for his presence, going right back to the beginning”.

So those are 2014’s three inductees… thank you one and all for having your say, as always. I couldn’t have come up with any finer choices myself. You can pay a visit to our Hall of Fame to meet all previous inductees.

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