Caesar Salad


I can’t thank the contributors enough for sharing their time, efforts and talent with us once again for this second Bruce Hornsby cover project.

Caesar Salad Interpreting the music of Bruce Hornsby is a daunting task, but each one volunteered for the job. The result is fittingly unique. Please take some time to read their stories and, of course, to enjoy their music. It’s all free!

“Caesar” was apparently a childhood nickname of Bruce’s, and so became the title of the second cover project. Two years in the making, we once again found some gifted musicians to follow up Shadow Hands.. All downloads are free, and can be found to the left, along with bios, and details of the charities that the project supported.

Enjoy Caesar Salad!

1. Pastures of Plenty – Steve Harris (Steve Harris bio)

2. The Way It Is – Dave Rich Band (Dave Rich bio)

3. Fields of Gray – “Way It Is” Danish tribute band (Way It Is bio)

4. Defenders of the Flag – Stephen Keown (Stephen Keown bio)

5. Dreamland – Keith Laws (bio not available)

6. Gonna Be Some Changes Made – Erik Nagel/Gavin Murphy (Erik Nagel/Gavin Murphy bio)

7. Valley Road – David Ryshpan (David Ryshpan bio)

8. China Doll – Ric Engelhardt (Ric Engelhardt bio)

9. Look Out Any Window – Howard Alexander/Abi Ellis (Howard Alexander/Abi Ellis bio)

10. The Road Not Taken – Fieldwork (Fieldwork bio)

11. White-Wheeled Limousine – Noah Wilker (Noah Wilker) bio

12. Nobody There But Me – Patrick Furlong (Patrick Furlong bio)

13. Song D – Andi Obieglo (Andi Obieglo) bio

14. Heir Gordon – David Bruce Murray (David Bruce Murray bio)

15. Line in the Dust – Charlie and Rich Diakun (Charlie and Rich Diakun bio)

16. I Will Walk With You – Megan Metcalfe (Megan Metcalfe bio)

17. Funhouse – Ben Sampson (Ben Sampson bio)

18. Night on the Town – Oskar Kollen (Oskar Kollen bio)