Bio: Stephen Keown

Si Twining

I have been playing and composing music for the past fifteen years. Currently I’m a member of Homemade Jam – a Southern Rock band based in Atlanta, Georgia that plays throughout the Southeast. I also have a side project simply entitled “Gus” – that falls into the ambient/techno genre. I have many musical influences – but Bruce is the one that has had the most impact.

You see and hear his love of music when he plays. I’ve seen many artists who in my opinion go through the motions when success is reached. I can tell Bruce is always stretching himself – into multiple genres, into different playing techniques. His love of music is simply infectious. I chose Defenders because to be honest it didn’t really catch me when it was first released. However, lines from the song have been creeping into my head for the past several years. I realized that Defenders is just as relevant today as it was in 1988 – if not more so. It has become one of my Hornsby favorites. I also thought it was a good fit musically for my boys – Shanon & Randy.

Defenders Of The Flag: produced, recorded & mixed by Stephen Keown

Stephen Keown: vocals, keyboards, programming

Randy Skinner: trumpet

Shanon Morris: bass