Absolute Zero

Si Twining

Bruce Hornsby’s Absolute Zero – released April 12 2019. 

Bruce Hornsby Absolute ZeroThis is your chance to be a music critic and give a “star rating” to each of the tracks, before we compare how every songs ranks, across every Bruce Hornsby release since 1986. We have brief clips of each track in the player below.

Scoring Absolute Zero

If you’re inclined to rate any track a perfect 10, please restrict that to one choice only, if you would! Also feel free to leave your comments below if you like.

As well as the tracks, we’re asking you to score the following:

Shelf-life life/longevity – how well does it/will it stand up years later?

Artwork/liner notes – what came with the record

Musicality – musical creativity, spontaneity, connection – what makes it all work

Production – how good it sounds

Personnel/collaborations – who did what

Let us know what you think of Bruce Hornsby’s Absolute Zero and we’ll report back soon. How does it compare to all Bruce’s previous releases?

Absolute Zero – Bruce Hornsby – sound clips