Absolute Zero

Si Twining

Bruce Hornsby’s Absolute Zero – released April 12 2019. 

Bruce Hornsby Absolute Zero Absolute Zero was released to a rapturous response from the media, giving Bruce more focus than in recent memory. We gave you the opportunity to score the record, in comparison with every previous release. 

How did it compare?

Scoring Absolute Zero

Aside from the tracks, you rated the record based on:

Artwork/liner notes – what came with the record

Musicality – musical creativity, spontaneity, connection – what makes it all work

Production – how good it sounds

Personnel/collaborations – who did what

Before we get to those scores a reminder of how each track sounds, with a brief clip of each:

Absolute Zero – Bruce Hornsby – sound clips

Your Absolute Zero reviews 

This was a very notable release. It scored the highest for lyrics on Bruce’s studio records since Spirit Trail some 21 years earlier. 

It scored the highest out of all Bruce’s releases for liner notes – ever! Clearly you are a fan of Kathy Hornsby’s infra-red photography.

And Never in This House was the highest-rated song of Bruce’s since the very first record!

In the future we’ll take a retrospective look at all of Bruce Hornsby’s releases and how you’ve compared them over this project. For now, here are your scores for Absolute Zero:

Rehab Reunion - the breakdown!

Absolute Zero - 78%
Fractals - 71.3%
Cast-Off - 81.3%
Meds - 74.5%
Never in This House - 91.7%
Voyager One - 74.3%
Echolocation - 64.5%
Blinding Light of Dreams - 65.8%
White Noise - 57.8%
I'll Take You There (Misty) - 84.7%
LYRICS - 85.6%


Very good!

Highest rated studio record for 21 years.