Bride of the Noisemakers (2011)

Si Twining

Released May 2 2011. Over a decade in the making, Bruce Hornsby’s Bride of the Noisemakers is the follow-up to the widely acclaimed Here Come the Noisemakers. Another double CD release.

You made yourselves heard on the second official live release . The result was a resounding success for the additional criteria beyond the songs themselves.

The shelf-life (or longevity) or the record was rated at 90.9% – the highest of any record. You rate the musicality – defined as the playing, creativity and spontaneity that connects it all together – is rated at 95.7%. That’s the highest rating for any single aspect of any of Bruce’s records, including any of the songs.

Both of those scores, together with every single component scoring over 80%, make this the highest scoring record for the “additional” ingredients to a record.

As for the songs, fully 40% of them scored 80% or more, with the most popular being Fortunate Son > Comfortably Numb, which scored 88%. This was the only song which also appeared on Here Come the Noisemakers, where you gave it 84%.

All of the top 10 tracks were from songs from Hot House or later.

Bride of the Noisemakers - the breakdown!

Cyclone - 82.8%
Country Doctor - 84.2%
Funhouse - 71.4%
This Too Shall Pass - 77.6%
Circus on the Moon - 83.8%
Defenders of the Flag - 69.5%
Intro > Variation . Catenaires - 62.3%
Talk of the Town > Charlie, Woody and You - 61.9%
What the Hell Happened - 53.3%
Fortunate Son > Comfortably Numb - 88%
Levitate - 76.6%
Little Sadie > White-Wheeled Limousine - 83.3%
Big Rock Candy Mountain > Candy Mountain Run - 77.6%
Line in the Dust - 81.4%
Shadow Hand - 78.5%
Tango King - 70.9%
Resting Place - 81.9%
Michael Raphael - 51.4%
Sonata Movement IV - 60.9%
Gonna Be Some Changes Made - 80%
Dreamland - 74.7%
The Good Life - 71.9%
Cartoons and Candy - 64.7%
Swan Song - 84.2%
Standing on the Moon > Halcyon Days - 82.8%
LYRICS - 88%



The second live record scores really highly.

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