Bruce Hornsby setlists 2020

Here is our list of Bruce Hornsby 2020 setlists, beginning with yMusic and solo shows. Please feel free to e-mail Si with any additions or amendments to this list. Thanks to all those who have contributed below!

Setlists will be added as Bruce Hornsby hits the road and begin their 2020 tour. Also don’t forget to check our live concert archive for downloads!

03/01/20 Music Hall – Portsmouth, NH
Spider Fingers > (Ornette Coleman), Where’s the Bat, Lost Soul, The Road Not Taken, Fortunate Son, Talk of the Town, Voyager One, The Way It Is, Every Little Kiss, Never in This House, Cast-Off, I’ll Take You There, Mandolin Rain
Encore: Deep Sea Vents
Notes: Voyager One onwards with yMusic

03/04/20 Merriam Theatre – Philadelphia, PA
Set One: Harbor Lights, Lost In the Snow, Valley Road, Hooray For Tom, Nobody There But Me, 20/20 Vision, Night On the Town
Set Two: Voyager One, The Way It Is, End of the Innocence, Never In This House, Cast-Off, Blinding Light of Dreams, Mandolin Rain
Encore: Deep Sea Vents
Notes: set one solo; set two with yMusic

03/06/20 Strathmore Music Centre – Bethesda, MD
Set One: Cyclone, Country Doctor, Lost Soul, Circus on the Moon, Talk of the Town, Soon Enough > (Song F)
Set Two: Voyager One, The Way It Is > (Thank You Sister Rosa) > The Way It Is, Every Little Kiss, Never In This House, Cast-Off, Stacked Mary Possum, Mandolin Rain
Encore: Deep Sea Vents
Notes: set one solo; set two with yMusic


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