A look back at Spirit Trail – the newsgroup and the cover!

The Bruce Hornsby newsgroup took a moment to process the cover of Spirit Trail when it was first released.

Bruce Hornsby Spirit Trail
Uncle Charlie

August 28 1998
John D:
“They have been selling t-shirts at the recent shows with the cover on it. Let me tell you – it’s a pretty strange album cover. Pretty psychedelic in a strange way – I’m sure there will be LOTS of conversation about it in the newsgroups. Personally, I didn’t like it necessarily at first, but at second or third glance (and after an amazing show) I LOVE it (enough to spend way too much money on it).”

August 29 1998
“Is the picture you’re talking about the one with his uncle looking into the camera and a cigarette hanging out of his ear? God I hope not!”

August 30 1998
‘I guess he want’s somthing humorous on his album cover this time out. 
There’s always some neat little story that goes along with the selection of an 
album cover. The Hot House cover was based on a dream he had and he decided 
that the painting on the cover best reflects his style of blending several 
different styles of music to create his own distinct style. This one if it is 
the album cover must have an interesting story bhind it otherwise it’s probably 
there to try and make people laugh—or indicate that the album is crazy, zany 
or fun. Just my 2 cents.”

September 2 1998
“Interesting ideas. It has quite a shock value to it. At first glance I couldn’t believe my
eyes. In time I think I’ll feel better about it. Anyway, the Cape Cod show rocked, and I’m
hoping for a Northeast appearance prior to the album release. Six weeks to go! Thanks for
the input!”

September 26 1998
“Got this weird sticker in the mail yesterday promoting the “Spirit Trail” release on 10/13 – if anyone else received one of these, can you tell me who the heck the guy with the cig in his ear is? Is that supposed to be the album cover or something?:

September 26 1998
Chris B:
“Bruce’s assistant Melissa told me the man is
Bruce’s late uncle. Apparently Bruce was going through some old family photos
and found this one was so funny he decided to use it for his new album cover.
Sort of bizarre isn’t it?!”

September 27 1998
Carey W:
“The man in the photo featured on the cover of “Spirit Trail” is Bruce’s Uncle Charles. It seems that he was bored at a family social function and decided to “liven things up a bit” ! Little did he know he would be an album cover years later…!”

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