Deep Sea Vents: Day One Take

BrhyM – Bruce Hornsby and yMusic – released Deep Sea Vents on March 1. Here’s your day one take:

We asked our Facebook group for their impression on day one, and to register their favourite tracks. Here’s what you gave us, noting the percentage who voted for each track:

Some of your thoughts:

Joshua M:  “This is weird… and yet, I really like it!”

Aaron P: “The songs all have some very interesting and some potential awesome live moments for sure… Whaling, Deep Blue, Foreign Sounds, The Wake and Deep Sea Vents are my standouts… there are some really cool lyrics, choruses and musical moments that rise up.”

Kristina S: “Loving the complex harmonies and instrumentation and thoroughly psyched to soak it up live.”

Kim B: “Gotta say I’m kinda obsessed with The Wild Whaling Life.”

Craig W: “I love the creative theming, the wordplay, and the interesting mix of sounds. I am very much looking forward to hearing these new songs in a live setting next week.”

Vic A: “If you look at Wild Whaling Life as a metaphor for Bruce’s musical life, it makes it emotional… and, it, alone, is worth the price of admission.”

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