Spirit Trail 25th anniversary release – track listing, first three released, new songs!

It’s a quarter of a century since Bruce Hornsby released Spirit Trail, and to mark the 25th anniversary, we have a 3-CD release incoming on October 27.

Uncle Charles Hornsby Even better, it’s free to anyone who attends selected concerts this year! (Not including festivals).

The 25th anniversary box set is available for pre-order on Amazon for October 27 release: 

And on Apple Music:

We now have the track listing, including four “new” (unreleased) songs written and recorded in between Spirit Trail and Big Swing Face.

One of those – “Living in the Sunshine” – has been released as an EP, accompanied by a live “Swan Song” and a remastered “Sunflower Cat” (currently download only).. Listen to “Living in the Sunshine” in the video below., or buy via Amazon or Apple Music

Here’s the full set of songs:

Disc One – original album

  1. King of the Hill
  2. Resting Place
  3. Preacher in the Ring Part One
  4. Preacher in the Ring Part Two
  5. Song C
  6. Sad Moon
  7. Pete and manny
  8. Fortunate Son
  9. Sneaking Up on Boo Radley
  10. Great Divide

Disc Two

  1. Line in the Dust
  2. See the Same Way
  3. Shadow Hand
  4. Sunlight Moon
  5. Listen to the Silence
  6. Funhouse
  7. Sunflower Cat (Some Dour Cat) (Down With That)
  8. Song D
  9. Swan Song
  10. Variations on Swan Song and Song D
  11. Living in the Sunshine (unreleased)
  12. Groove Infatuation (unreleased)
  13. Evening Sun (unreleased)
  14. Clown’s Tambourine (unreleased)

Diosc Three – Live Trail

  1. King of the Hill
  2. Resting Place
  3. Preacher in the Ring Part Two > Variation 2 > (Catenaires)
  4. Fortunate Son
  5. Sneaking Up on Boo Radley
  6. See the Same Way
  7. Shadow Hand
  8. Funhouse
  9. Sunflower cat
  10. Swan Song

Buy the download of “Living in the Sunshine” via Amazon or Apple Music

You all had your say on original release on the Spirit Trail page. 

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