All the phone chats!

All of Si’s phone chats with Bruce Hornsby in one place, going back to 2005. Hear considered opinion on improvisation, the pursuit of the unattainable and Daffy Duck.

January 10 2005: [Original link]

Improvising, preparing for a gig, pre-show nerves, playing “the hits”:

April 24 2008 Part One: [Original link]

Spike Lee, Levitate, current projects, the Creative American Music Program:

April 24 2008 Part Two:

May 17 2010: [Original link]

Taking a break from the road, answering your questions:

May 24 2010: [Original link]

Bruce answers more of your questions:

May 24 2012: [Original link]

SCKBSTD, Red Hook Summer and other current projects, his sons’ influence and their take on his music, typical schedule:

June 10 2014: [Original link]

Pat Metheny, new Noisemakers, reintroducing the “old” songs, working with Pixar and Disney:

January 6 2015: [Original link[

Daffy Duck, the pursuit of the unattainable, meeting JT, reinventing old songs, solo versus band shows:

May 13 2018: [Original interview]

Justin Vernon, new Noisemakers, writing on the dulcimer, remaining challenges:

August 11 2020: [Original link]

Non-Secure Connection, lockdown, Rob Moose, working with new artists:

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