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Phone chat with Bruce .. May 2012

Every so often, Si gets a chance to sit down for a chat with Bruce Hornsby, records it and publishes on the pages of

May 24 2012 was one such day, and for an hour or so, a wide range of topics was covered.

You can download the results below – feel free to share them around, or link from your various social media pages…

Thanks to Bruce for taking time out of a ridiculously busy schedule (as you’ll hear).

Amongst the topics covered:

  • what’s happening with the musical
  • Red Hook Summer, and plans for the soundtrack
  • other current projects and new songs he’s working on
  • solo shows versus band shows
  • modern classical music
  • “owing” the audience
  • “winging it”
  • how the original records compare with today
  • his sons’ influence on his music, and their take on those songs today
  • the live downloads
  • his taping policy and his own back catalog of his shows
  • potential supergroup collaborations
  • his typical schedule in a day
  • and plenty more.

You can download it by right-clicking on the link below. Please enjoy it, and any feedback is most welcome!

mp3  Phone chat with Bruce
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An hour-long chat with Bruce. He discusses the musical, the Red Hook Summer soundtrack, the live downloads, current projects and a lot more. It also features the performance of The Way It Is which is discussed midway through, from Jazzfest in New Orleans in May 2012.
Recorded on May 24 2012.