Thick Custard


“Thick Custard” was our fifth project covering Bruce Hornsby’s music since 2005. It was released as part of 2014′ s Daily Dose Day on, in aid of three very worthy causes…

Thick Custard CD cover

Our artists gave their time, gifts and energy free of charge to contribute to this project, which I’m so grateful for. You can hear their talents for yourself, and I’d urge you to check out more of their own work.

For those asking, the name Thick Custard was a play on Bruce’s musical project, entitled “Sick B*****d”. We went for something less incendiary…!

I also want to thank Mike Mendenhall for his graphic design on this project. You can check out more of his great work at

Sadly we no longer have the original website, but the downloads and artist links are below!


The Way It Is
produced/guitars by Jules Drucker
mixed by Jett Galindo
Valley Road
performed by Rebecca Harkin
courtesy of Busty Music Ltd.
Every Little Kiss
performed by Ben Cameron
featuring Joe Pisapia and Joe Costa
Barren Ground
performed by George Marinelli
(on everything)
Shadow Hand
performed by Megan Metcalfe
accompanied by Ronnie Steininger
Spirit Climbing
performed by John D. Beck
and his band ToHuBoHu
Fortunate Son
performed by Seth Campbell
recorded and produced by Chris Plante
Pastures of Plenty
performed by Elaine Cronin
recorded by Jules Leon at Easy Street Studio, Simi Valley, CA
drums: Vicken Hovsepia
Nobody There But Me
performed, produced, recorded and directed by Richard Hart
Mandolin Rain
performed by Quartier Francais:
Hervé Parent, Flory Parent, Dominique Guillot,
Christian Poublang and Kordian Heretynski.
The Way It Is (live)
performed by the Hegg Brothers
at the Havana Garage, Omaha, NE.