Trading FAQs

Si Twining

A selection of Bruce Hornsby trading questions that you might ask…

I need my live Bruuuce!
You’re in the right place. There is a large community of tapers on this site’s Board, or those ready to share their wares. Bruce actively encourages this in helping to spread his music around. For the highest quality official recordings, visit to make a purchase. These are absolutely not for trade, though. Plenty of Bruuuce to go around!

But I have nothing to trade! Where can I buy some?

That’s the last time you’ll mention the “B” word, thank you! The same as the official recordings are not for trade, absolutely none of our own recordings are available for b*ying. Ever. If ever you see them for sale, or on E-Bay, please let me know. That’s the only condition Bruce applies…no profits.

So how do I get started?
Well, as generous as Bruce’s policy is, he certainly has the followers to match. Try leaving a message on The Board asking for help getting started… they may be willing to help you out with a “B & P” trade…

You knew I’d ask… what is a “B & P” trade?
Blanks and Postage – where, instead of swopping one show for another, blank tapes/CDs are supplied with postage. If you can provide that, many traders will be willing to copy the show for you.

So what are “torrents”?
I knew you’d ask that too – so visit the etree page! It’s the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to get your music.

On what format are shows available?
More commonly than ever, downloads rather than physical storage. MP3s, like on this website, but also catered toward CDs and DVDs.

I’m looking for a particular show at (place) in (year)…
You might also try the BRUUUCE.COMmunity group on Facebook.

How can I find a show with (this song), (that song) and (another song), or those in my home town?
Try the searchable setlist database on this site.