The download process

Si Twining

We were recently asked about downloading the music files that we have available on this site, so that you can keep them and listen to them when you’re offline.

You are likely looking at this website through one of two different types of device, so there is more than one correct answer.

If you are using a personal computer

This is the easier option, since you can simply download from the website to your computer’s hard drive and listen over and over again. Right-click the filename on the page, and select “Download file as…” (or words to that effect). It will ask you where on your computer to save the files, so when you’re done, you know exactly where to find them and start playing your music.

If you are using a mobile device

Some of them let you download in the same way as above. But some will only seem to “stream” the file – they play them straight from the website but don’t appear to be downloading them and putting them anywhere. What you’ll need is a separate program to download and store them. There will be one for your specific device – for instance, on an iPad or iPhone, you might want to try downloading the iCab Mobile browser ($1.99 a the time of writing). This program will let you search for, download, store and play back your MP3 files, all in the same program.

We hope that makes the process a little less daunting. If you still have a problem, contact Si.