The Bruce Hornsby searchable setlist database

Here’s a project we’ve wanted to run for a while – a Bruce Hornsby setlist database. We have information from over 900 Bruce Hornsby concerts, all on one page! Did you go to a concert somewhere in North Carolina in the early 90s but can’t remember the details? You’ll find them here.

It’s a very big list. Thankfully, you can finetune the list to find exactly what you’re looking for! Did you want to find setlists from one particular state (or country)? Or your hometown? Or concerts from a particular year?

Use the buttons below to filter all the concerts down to exactly what you need. You can type into the “search” box to look for a particular song. Or use the “Search” box to look for anything at all – a concert venue, a song, or a special guest, for example.

By default it will show you 25 concerts. Select the little button and you can change that number from 10 all the way to all 900+!

It may look like a lot at first, but fear not – it’ll work with you to keep the lists manageable. If you choose to look for shows in Virginia, it will hide all towns or venues that aren’t in Virginia, for example. And you can choose more than one state, town or venue at once, if you like.

Easiest way to find out is to get stuck in and have a play around!

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As always, you can find the officially released live music on

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